2023 Yamaha Saluto 125 CC ABS BS6 Launched.

In today’s article we are going to talk about Yamaha Saluto 125 CC, because many people are having questions about this bike, what is the bike, Features, Performance, Engine, Etc, and also Yamaha Brands which have their small variants in India Will launch. In which you are going to get some 125 cc bikes. As you remember yamaha Saluto 125 cc, this vehicle was sold in BS4 variant, so Saluto will make a comeback in India and this engine will come in 125 cc and its competition will be directly Honda SP and TVS Raider and hero Glamor and Bajaj, to Pulsar 125.




2023 Yamaha Saluto 125 CC ABS BS6 Launched.





The price of 125 cc which comes here will be very low. The last price of the vehicle was ₹ 60,000, which came with Drum Brake, but now you will get to see this vehicle with single disc brake also. Because if it comes in a slightly cheaper price, it will result in higher sales figures.


If it comes, you will get to see CPM in the car. You will get two variants in the rest of the car. One will come with Drum Brake and one with Disk Brake and the starting price of the vehicle will be between ₹ 80 to ₹ 90,000. Assuming this bike is on road, it will cost between ₹ 1,05,000 to ₹ 1,15,000.



Components :


If we talk about the components of the bike, then you are going to get them in very good condition. You will get fully LED light in the bike, DRL will not come, Tail Light will be of Halogen and the indicators you will get are of Halogen and its cluster used to come earlier but now the bike cluster which is there, you will get to see digital.


Maybe, which is what is going on in segments because that is the glamour,There is Rider and SP, whatever is there you get a fully digital meter. Apart from Pulsor, Yamaha’s Saluto will come in 125cc, you will get digital meter, USB charging port. Also, the brand will provide single piece Handle Bar, single piece Seat and single piece Scrap Rail in the vehicle.




Engine and Performance:


You will get 125 cc engine which will be Bs6 compatible and you will get it with E20. The power of the vehicle you will get is 8.3 Hp and the torque you will get is 10.1 Nm. You will get to see Single cylinder five speed gearbox in the vehicle. Earlier the bike used to have four gears but now five gears will be available.


As for the remaining mileage of the bike, you will find it quite strong. Earlier also this car used to give you very good mileage. Let us assume that this bike will give you mileage between 60 to 70 and Yamaha Saluto 125 cc bike, so the performance will be a little okay. This car will easily make you touch 105.




Fuel Tank and battery:


At the front you will get Fork Telescopic, at the rear you will get Twin Shocker and the vehicle will be seen with diamond frame. The fuel tank you will get is 7.6 Liters, it is not small, it is much smaller. But you will get only the old one and its weight will be between 114 kg to 120 kg.


The seat height of Yamaha is slightly higher, you will get the seat height of Yamaha bike of 805 mm. Also, the overall height of the vehicle will be 1080 mm. Engine oil will be 1.10 litres, rest of the vehicle you will get 512 volt battery With five AH.




Launched Yamaha Saluto 125 CC:


Which brand is going to launch this vehicle? Between the coming three to four months. If you guys want, you can wait for the upcoming new Yamaha Saluto 125 cc. It is going to be a value for money bike and in it you will get to see the old colours, stand looks, some changes etc.


There will not be any major update in the offering, but yes, the vehicle will make a comeback, this is a big update of Yamaha Saluto 125 CC.


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2023 Yamaha Saluto 125 cc ABS BS6 Launched.

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