2024 Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed | Splitsvilla 15 2024 | Sunny Leone | Tanuj Virwani

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2024 Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed: Splitsvilla is coming with its news season, season 15 and going on now, His auditions and if you also want to be a part of this new season of Splitsvilla then go, Submit your audition videos on Jio Cinema app and if you get selected, we will definitely make articles on you soon.

There will be no contestants in this new season. But there is going to be a new host. Yes friends, ever since Rann vijay was out of Splitsvilla. The show is looking for a new host every year. Arjun Bijlani from last year and this time there is a new host. Stay with us to know who it is.



Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed by Hint

In Splitsvilla 15, MTV guys have taken the help of some old Splitsvilla contestants to increase the hype of this year’s mystery host and Through him, he is giving a hint to the audience as to who he is.



Splitsvilla 15 mystery co-host revealed, first hint by Akashleena Chandra

First of all, let’s talk about what hints Akashleena Chandra got, so guys, these are the hints of Akashleena that this boy has a sharp edge which every model or actor has these days, nothing special.

Talking about the second hint, this boy is very crazy about Bollywood. We consider this in a hint. Meaning someone who might have worked in Bollywood.

Talking about Akashleena’s last hint, it is a very big hint. Someone who has cricket jersey of number 18. So guys the world knows that number 18 is of Virat Kohli in Indian cricket.Now obviously he is not able to come to host spirituality for obvious reasons, but there is someone who has worn Virat’s number 18 jersey for a web series.

So guys, who has seen the web series Inside Edge because whoever has seen it must have solved this mystery by now for sure because it was the actor of this series who played the role of a cricketer and He wore jersey number 18 and the name of this character was Vayu and this name has given a hint to Aamir Hussain that Vayu will now change his stance. Which makes it clear that the mystery man is the same actor of InsideEdge.



Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed by sakshi justin

Talking about the other contestant of Splitsvilla 15, Sakshi Justin’s hints were not hints, they were direct answers. They got hints that Sunny Leone had a one night stand with the mystery man but now he has become her ideal match.

No brother, we are not talking about Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weiber, he is Sunny’s manager and husband only, No host, here we are talking about Sunny’s movie One Night Stand and her co-actor of this movie.



Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed aagaz Akhtar

so guys are you ready to hear the name of the mystery man. The guys mystery man who is going to co-host Sunny Leone in Splitsvilla season 15, He is none other than actor Tanuj Virwani. Yes friends and this name of ours is absolutely correct,

Prove this let’s go to the fourth hint, What Aagaz Akhtar got and that is that Mystery man i.e. Tanuj is a sneakers head which every boy has somewhere and he likes super heroes very much. Means like crazy. Two-three months ago, Pink Villa had made a video of the home tour of Tanuj’s house.

Where you can see that Tanuj’s entire house is filled with characters like super heroes, monsters, aliens. Tanuj is a big hardcore fan. I felt dizzy after seeing all this and the collection of sneakers. Brother, what do you do with so many sneakers? Meaning you wear it at least once or just buy it to decorate the house as a show piece.

Guys, if you too have not been able to recognize Tanuj yet, then let me remind you that the same Tanuja, who recently died on 25 December 2023 with his girlfriend and Was married to artist Tanya Jacobs and now he is coming to host Splitsvilla.

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Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed Tanuj Virwani

Tanuj is currently thirty-seven years old and has been a part of the Bollywood industry for ten years. Her active debut was in 2013 with the movie Love You Soniya. After which he was seen with Sunny in purani jeans and one night stand but he got his real identity from the web series Inside Edge which has already released three seasons and Look how many more are coming.

Splitsvilla 15 Mystery Co- Host Revealed | Splitsvilla 15 2024 | Sunny Leone | Tanuj Virwani
Splitsvilla 15 Launch Date 

After Inside Edge, Tanuj started getting offers for many web series and till now he has worked in more than ten web series. And for sure, you must have seen him in f fantasy, code M, Masaba Masaba and cartel. No doubt Tanuj is a very good actor but it would be better if we don’t comment on whether the host is good or not.

Because even Arjun Birjlani was a very good actor but sadly he could not find the right fit for Splitsvilla. Do you think Tanuj is a good host for Sunny or was it Arjun or Rannvijay. 


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