Action Button ideas iPhone 15 Pro/Max And Hidden Features Revealed.

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Hello friends, the action button idea has been sidelined for iPhone 15 Pro/Max. Which is a small button. Which can be adapted for different purposes and highlight important hidden features.



Here are some Action Button ideas iPhone 15 Pro/Max: 



Watch face Action Button ideas of iPhone 15 Pro Max:


You can switch to a different watch face with a single tap.


Customize your watch face with action buttons.


To switch to the Avar app Fitness watch face, open the app associated with your watch face, such as the Fitness app.




Save battery:


The action button can be activated with a single tap on low power mode.


Tune battery saver settings with one button to optimize your battery life.


Toggle features that are draining battery life whenever you need to. Like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.




Hide apps:


The home screen or app library can be hidden instantly.

The action button can be customized to paste or show the app.





You can switch between different wallpapers with a single tap.


You can customize your wallpaper with direct action buttons.


When you switch to Photo Wallpapers, you’ve opened the Wallpapers app that can be easily customized.



All in one:


Create custom action buttons that work together.

For example, you can customize an action button that can turn on silent mode, open your favorite music library, or start your favorite playlist.

And you can also create a customized action button that lets you open a specific app and get your work done.





You can start and stop video recording with a single tap.


You can switch your camera forward or pitch with a single tap.



Editing or trimming, cropping the video can be done with a single tap.



Orientation Detection:


You can toggle portrait mode or landscape mode with a single tap.


You can turn off orientation to prevent your screen from rotating.


Quickly access accessibility features that can help you change the orientation of your phone.






You can quickly access VoiceOver or Zoom.

You can create a custom feature that can do multiple tasks for you.

You can toggle on accessories with a single tap.





Can quickly fix your phone’s ringer, media and possible malfunctions.


You can toggle between silent mood and vibration mood with a single tap.


There should be different options for different customs while driving or working. Which can be very useful for you.






Create and assign notes instantly with a single tap.


You can jump to your favorite notes using the action button.


Template for custom notes that you can fill out instantly with action buttons.






You can play and stop your favorite playlist with a single tap.


Can switch to different playlists with a single tap.


Get quick access to playlist controls like gain, auxiliary and track changes with a single tap.




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Hidden Features Revealed:


Shake to undo:

To undo the last typing or editing action, you can go to that app by shaking your phone.


Triple-tap to zoom:

To zoom in and zoom out, you can tap the screen three times with your finger.


Back tap:

You can double-tap or triple-tap the back of your phone to perform specific actions.



You can place three fingers on the screen to select posts and like them.


Assistive Touch:

Set a floating button on your screen that you can see on a commonly used feature.


Conclusion Action Button ideas iPhone 15 Pro/Max: 

All of these new action button ideas are powerful tools that can be very useful. If you want your work to become easier then you can use all these action button ideas, if you are not able to understand all these action button ideas well then you can watch the complete video below.


Watch videos: Action Button ideas iPhone 15 Pro/Max And Hidden Features Revealed. 

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