AirPods Update 6B32 is Out for iOS 17!

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AirPods Update 6B32: Today Apple updated Airpods Pro 2 year again with a new firmware update to version 6B32. This is available to the public everywhere around the world at the same time and is available for the Airpods Pro second generation with both Lightning and USB as well.So that’s all that it’s available for.

Unfortunately it’s not available for Airpods Pro 1, 2, 3 or Airpods Max again at this point. Now this particular update can be found on your iPhone by going into your settings once you’ve connected them if you go into your settings. Then wait for it to show up here in your settings. Again, scroll to the bottom and you’ll actually see the version number.

Now this is the current version number of 6B32 and if we go into that you can see the version here with the current case version being 60.83.0.



AirPods Update 6B32 is Out for iOS 17!

Step by step information about AirPods Update 6B32 is written in this article and you can also read about how to update AirPods 6B32 with iOS 17.



How to update Airpods pro 6B32.


So that’s how you actually check for the update. However, if you want to update to this version and you haven’t already, typically what you’ll do is just maybe connect them to your iPhone, close the lid and then lock it and walk away. Mine updated on their own. While I was actually using them, I put them back in the case, closed the lid and when I came back 5 minutes later, they were updated.

If that’s not working for you, I typically recommend putting them in your ears, listening to a song for about 30 seconds, then doing the same thing, closing them, locking the phone, and walking away. Just make sure your Air pods are charged to about 50% or more. That’s typically what seems to help with the case in the Air pods themselves.The other way to update them is to just plug them into your Mac, so use USBC in this case, or Lightning plug them directly into your Mac.

I haven’t been able to see this work over iPhone just plugging it in like that, but typically if you want to update them quickly. Them into your Mac and they’ll do that again within about 5 to 15 minutes total as long as they’re charged.



AirPods Update 6B32 Beats Update:


Now as far as other updates I wanted to mention, last week Apple updated Power Beats Pro and Beats Fit Pro to version 6B27, so those were updated as well last week. They did not release the Air Pods update last week.



AirPods Update 6B32 New Features, Updates and Changes: 


Now if we go into Safari and you’ll see Apple’s About Firmware Updates for Airpods page. I’ll link that in the description, but if we Scroll down you can see the latest firmware version Airpods Pro Second Generation with version 6B32. Airpods Pro First generation, Airpods second and third generation, and Air Pods Max are all 6A300 and Airpods first generation are 6.8.8. Why Apple hasn’t updated the original versions I’m not sure yet, but they haven’t.



Apple Needs to do This Better: 


If we Scroll down we can see what they’ve actually updated and you’ll see version 6B32 release notes and all they say is bug fixes and other improvements. Now I have noticed a couple different things we’ll talk about in a moment, but as you’ll see the last three versions, all they say is bug fixes and other improvements. Apple really needs to update this with more specific information and be more transparent as to what they’re actually fixing.

The reason for this is not just letting us know, but also letting us know so we can test that, see if it’s resolved and let them know with feedback if it’s not resolved. So that’s something, Once you have millions of users updated, we should be able to give information back and say Apple, change this. It’s not working as it should be, just like with iOS updates as well, so that’s something they definitely should do.


AirPods Update 6B32 is Out for iOS 17!
AirPods Update 6B32 is Out for iOS 17!


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AirPods Update 6B32 Connectivity: 


Now as far as what’s actually new, I did test connectivity. I’ve had mixed results before filming the video. I tested this out along with sound and more, and connecting and switching between my Mac and then back to my iPhone seem to be pretty good at first. If we connect these again, you’ll see they’re connected here.

I’ll take them out of my ears and it seems to be hit or miss as soon as I put them in my Kinect quickly and I am on iOS 17.2 betas. But if I place them in my ears here they’re in my ear and then if I go ahead and press play, let me turn this down in music, they should start playing right away.

However, I’m seeing this over and over. They’re not doing that. Instead, it’s actually playing through the speaker and I have to actually go into Airplay and force it to go back over to my iPhone. I’m seeing this over and over and then it jumps to my Mac. I tried restarting my Mac, I tried restarting the iPhone and I see it jump back and forth.

Now before, like I said earlier, it was doing this quickly without an issue, but then all of a sudden it started to have a problem with this. So that’s a kind of an odd problem. You’ll see it did it again and it’s jumping back and forth.



AirPods Update 6B32 Noise Cancellation and Transparency:


Now when it is connected, conversational awareness definitely seems to be pretty good. It recognizes the conversation right away, recognizes that I’m speaking along with the noise control options either on transparency or adaptive. Those features actually seem to be improved.

You’ll see again it jumped back, but as I’m speaking, it has transparency and then if I go to noise cancellation, that seems to work, but then it’s jumping back again. SO that’s going along with the understanding of me speaking with conversational awareness. So if I stop speaking, it should jump back. So it jumped back and now it’s playing music and brought the volume up again.

Then I started speaking and it jumped back to transparency. So it’s working as intended. It works well, and again, conversational awareness seems to deep. The volume just brings it down to a lower level, and it works pretty well that way when it’s connected.

I’m having those odd issues with connectivity staying connected to the device I actually want for some reason, so I’m not sure what that means specifically. It could be related to the beta or something else. I did test noise cancellation as well. It seems to be pretty good, and typically I’ll do that by snapping my fingers to see if I can hear that and I noticed that I barely could hear them at all this time, so it seems to be cancelling that noise.

Not only does noise cancellation work well, but it works well when noise cancellation is enabled and conversational awareness is disabled. If I have those features enabled that way, it seems to work much better. Make sure you don’t have these features on as they’ll affect that overall, but it seems to work quite well other than the connectivity issues I was mentioning earlier.

As far as sound quality, I was noticing right away when I was playing a song that bass seemed to be even more pronounced this time, and the general sound seemed to be a little bit more rich than it was. I don’t know if Apple adjusted the EQ at all, made some adjustments there, or did nothing at all, but it definitely seemed to sound different this time around, so let me know if you’re hearing the same thing after you’re updated.



Apple Also Released: 


Now I did want to let you know that there were other releases today that were beta releases with iOS 17.2 beta 2, along with Watch OS 10.2 beta 2 and many others. So lots of other betas were released.



I would like to see from Apple:


As far as anything else, well, I would like to see Apple bring an updater into the app itself when it appears within the settings. Go into settings. Hopefully there’ll be some sort of update button or it will just say there’s a new update, press update and it lets us schedule it or something like that.

I just think it should be more transparent along with what’s actually updated in these updates. They need to be more transparent about that. Let me know if you’d like to see that as well.



AirPods Update 6B32 Battery Life: 


Now as far as anything else, I haven’t noticed anything else other than what I mentioned already. They seem to be doing well. I don’t know about battery life as battery life takes days to measure. You can’t just measure it right away as they last about 5 to 6 hours typically, so it takes time to see if it’s extended if it’s about the same or worse.


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