ANIMAL MOVIE 5 BADASS SCENES Will Give You Goosebumps.

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We will talk about 5 Badass Scenes of the Movie Animal, out of which do not miss the First Scene. which is very unexpected, There is also a bonus scene with it, so there are going to be a lot of spoilers in this post, so if you have not seen the Animal Movie, then go and watch it quickly.



Animal Movie Scenes


Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film ‘Animal’ is currently in the news everywhere. This film, released on December 1, has created a storm at the box office. In just nine days this movie has broken many records. The acting of Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol in the film is also being liked a lot. Action sequences, intimate scenes and violence were shown extensively in the movie, due to which a lot of controversy is also being seen.


The way Bobby Deol’s character Abrar Haq behaved violently with his first and second wives after his third marriage is being widely condemned. Meanwhile, Mansi Taxak, who plays the role of Bobby’s third wife in the movie, has talked about her badass scene.



Bobby Deol Entry Badass Scene

ANIMAL MOVIE 5 BADASS SCENES Will Give You Goosebumps.


So, the best badass scene of Animal movie is Abrar Haq’s entry scene which is everywhere on the short series. In this scene, Bobby Deol dances enthusiastically on the song Jamal Jamaloo and For this scene, the song was recreated for Jamal, who has now joined Bobby Deol.

His Presence and Aura look very spectacular in this scene and It is a relief to see our 19th star once again getting more than one recognition, so much fame.



Ranvijay Classroom Badass Scene

ANIMAL MOVIE 5 BADASS SCENES Will Give You Goosebumps.

At number four comes the scene of Ranvijay carrying a gun in the classroom and at the time of that scene no one had even thought, people had thought. How will this kid beat the big boys of the college?, This crazy Ranvijay enters the classroom firing straight with AK 47, which looks very badass.



Fredi Badass Scene 


Freddy’s scene comes at third place, which was very surprising. Because in this scene Upendra Limaye suddenly appeared as Freddy and There is a lot of discussion about this scene in Maharashtra. If there was maximum applause, whistles and chilling in the animal movie, then it was for this scene and This scene was very badass because the badass character in this scene was Fredi, Who does not let anyone speak even a single word and dominates everyone, even the main character of the film i.e.


Ranvijay does not speak a word in front of him. This scene of Freddy gave a huge build up to the big action scene to come. The public starts shouting from here itself and later on, when the song ‘Dolby Walya’ is played, the public goes crazy.



Animal Park Badass Scene


ANIMAL MOVIE 5 BADASS SCENES Will Give You Goosebumps.
Image Credit by: Flick verse YouTube Channel.


Now on second number comes the Most Credit seen of animal movie where we get to see Ranveer ji’s body double. Whose name is Ajit who is the younger brother of Abraar Haq and he is a professional child. Who bites both Ranvijay’s cousins ‚Äč‚ÄčSo badly that we come to know what is going to happen in the animal park. Meaning no one has any idea at what level this guy will reach in the animal park and this scene was also very badass.



Abraar Badass Scene


Now before going to the number one scene, let us come to the bonus scene, the bonus scene is this one when there is a fight between Abraar and Ranvijay and Ranvijay asks Abraar to apologize, Abraar does a scene. Which looks very badass. 



LOUD BGM PLAY Badass Scene

ANIMAL MOVIE 5 BADASS SCENES Will Give You Goosebumps.

Now you will be surprised to see the scene which is on number one but for me this scene is on number one. So number one comes this scene when Ranvijay comes to know about the truth of his brother-in-law and When Ranvijay listens to what happened on the call, a loud BGM is played and goosebumps come because Ranveer ji already did not like his brother-in-law and Now Ranvijay has come to know that his brother-in-law is involved in killing his Father.


So, now what will Ranvijay do with his brother-in-law? Just thinking about this gives goosebumps and I put this on the first number because there is no fighting and no action in it, but seeing this scene gives you goosebumps. So these were the 5 badass scenes of animal according to me.

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