Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List!

Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List: Hello, welcome to our news site, the final list of nominations has come, which names have finally been selected by (Dum Or Dil) and nominated for those who have been evicted from their homes. Fasten your seat belts because here are the names that will surprise you. Yes, let’s talk.



Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List!



Most important Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List: 


Now the main and most important thing here is that the 8 names which have been selected are Munawar, KhanZaadi, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Navedyouseffi, Rinku Dhawan, Isha Malvaya, out of which some people have to save the DIL, these are basically DIL. Were forwarded to the house. I told you this and now people with DIL will decide, filter it and finalize it. Let me tell you that this entire process is being watched by DIMAG.


Housemates who are DIMAG also get the power to change three names and then tell the finalized name. Yes, So basically, if I tell you, out of the eight names that the DIL saved, the two names were Abhishek and Isha. Basically why? Because they were saved because they belonged to their group, so which names were saved? Munawar, KhanZaadi, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt Navedyouseffi, Rinku Dhawan, so these are basically 6 names.


Now let me tell you these six names, friends, they have gone to DIMAG and DIMAG has the power over any three of these names. And you people who have come in the final nomination will not agree.



Which names have been nominated? 


The names are KhanZaadi, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Tehelka Bhai and Sanakhan. Yes, friends, Tehelka Bhai has also joined here. So, basically, a lot of changes have taken place and Munawar has survived and whatever is with him, let me tell you friends, Rinku Dhawan ji has survived.


So, in this situation KhanZaadi has been nominated here. Neil Bhatt has been nominated, Aishwarya Sharma has been nominated. Tehelka Bhai has been nominated and Sana has become. Tehelka Bhai’s name has been added in this because it gives power to the DIMAG that if you change the three names then they will finalize KhanZaadi, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, and Sanakhan.

I feel from within that Sanakhan will be out, What do you think? So, there is going to be an uproar in the nomination this time. Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List!


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Bigg Boss 17 final Nomination List!


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