Budget Smartphone Under 15000: Best Offer 5G Smartphone Under 15,000.

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Budget Smartphone Under 15000: In today’s time, many companies have launched smartphones of different brands. Now it is obvious that this company will not launch its smart phones at low prices. So through this article, we will tell you the best smartphone for you in November which can give you good performance, battery backup, camera quality, gaming stability, touch response, and what other features.

I am going to tell you about all the smartphones which can be the Budget smartphone under 15000.



Top 5 Budget smartphone under 15000: 


Friends, after the sale the pricing has increased a bit. But yes, all these are going to be 5g Smartphones. So, if your budget is between Rs 11,000, 12,000, 13,000 to Rs 15,000, then this information will be very helpful for you.

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Number 5: Redmi 12 5G.


So first of all we start with number 5 and at number 5 is Redmi 12 5G from Redmi, Which we get for approximately 12,000 Rs and Friends, this phone comes with Snapdragon 4 generation 2 Chipset, Because it is a very good Chipset, according to this price, friends, you get to see benchmarks around Rs 4,00,000.

Friends, with this device you will be able to complete general tasks easily, in fact you can also do casual gaming here and Performance is good in gaming. Friends, in this phone you get support of 5G Internet and there are no issues in 5G Network. If we talk about the design of the phone then you can see. A glass build is seen on the rear sides. It is a very decent design.


Budget Smartphone Under 15000
Redmi 12 5G.


A punctual display is also provided on the front side and This is a very big display of 6.7 inches which along with a resolution of full HD plus also gives you a fresh screen display of 90 Hz. So the display quality is also going to be good in this. Talking about camera quality, the camera has 50 megapixel primary sensors.

Next talk about Battery Backup, it has a battery of 5000 mAh, with 18 watt fast charging support, and You will get single speakers whose quality can be better, So overall friends we get to see a complete package. The pricing of Redmi 12 5G is also quite good. you can consider it. So this was the 5th position of our list of Budget smartphone under 15000.



Number 4: Realme Narzo 60x and Realme 11x.


Now the Number 4 smartphone of our list is coming from realme, Realme Narzo 60x and Realme 11x. Both the smartphones come from realme.Although there is not much difference but yes in pricing, Realme Narzo 60x starts from Rs 12000, But if we talk about Realme 11x, then it starts from Rs 15,000.

Now first of all let me tell you the difference between both the Smartphones, Realme Narzo 60x starts with 4Gb RAM and 128GB storage, While Realme 11x starts with 6GB RAM and 128Gb storage, So this is why the difference in price is coming.


Budget Smartphone Under 15000
Realme Narzo 60x.


The second difference you can see in their cameras is the primary sensors are 50 megapixels. Friends, Realme Narzo 60x has 64 megapixel primary sensors, while Realme 11 x has 64 megapixel primary sensors.

So you are going to see these two major differences, Apart from these two differences, all other things are exactly the same. Whether we talk about design, display quality, rear design, you will get the same. In the front side you get to see punch hole display, You are getting Full HD plus display.


Budget Smartphone Under 15000
Realme 11x.


A display of 6.72 inches can be seen along with 120Hz Fresh Rate.Mediatek and Dimensity 6100 plus are available in both smartphones in terms of performance, and You get to see a benchmark score around 4,00,000. In both the phones you get 5000 MAH battery with 33 watt fast charging support and the speakers are also good.

You get to see side fingerprint sensor, it is base on Android 13, So friends, both these Smartphones are very good, according to this price range you can choose any of the two Smartphones. So this was the number 4 position of our list of Budget smartphone under 15000.



Number 3: infix note 30 5g.


Now the Number 3 Smartphone of our list is coming infix note 30 5G, the price of which you will get for Rs 14,000 and With this price it also becomes a very good Smartphone option. Here also you get mediaTek Dimensity 6080 Processor with 5G connectivity and This processor performs quite well.

If we talk about the design of the phone, the rear side has a very premium design and a leather finish variant can also be seen. Front side friends is quite amazing.


Budget Smartphone Under 15000
Infix Note 30 5g.


Here we can get 6.78 inches FHD Plus Display, Talking about the camera, it has a 108 megapixel primary sensor and a 5000 mAh battery with 45watt fast charging support along with Dual Stereo speakers, you get JBL TUNED.

And the pricing from infinix is ​​quite good, for 256 GB storage you have to pay only Rs 14,700 and That is why it becomes a wonderful option in this price range and it was the 3rd position in our list of Budget smartphone under 15000.


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Number 2: Samsung Galaxy M34 5G.


Now the Number 2 Smartphone of our list is coming, Samsung Galaxy m34 5G from Samsung, Pricing is available at Rs 16,500 but by applying discount of bank offer of Rs 15,000, you can get Smartphone for Rs 15,000.

Friends, this becomes one of the best phones because it comes with super AMOLED display panel and Here a refresh rate of 120 Hz is available. So the display quality is good. The design of the phone is decent.


Samsung Galaxy m34 5G
Samsung Galaxy m34 5G.


But yes, if we talk about the battery, then it has a 6000 mAh battery. Apart from this, it has 50 megapixels Primary Camera Sensors which is quite good. The performance of the phone is better, Can give you a decent gaming performance, Apart from this, Samsung’s premium features like Knox security folder will be available.

So friends, this is a very good option especially for those who have high media consumption. Because here we are getting to see super AMOLED panel. Which is not the case with any other phone in this price range with 5G connectivity. So this was the 2nd position of our list of Budget smartphone under 15000.



Number 1: Moto G54 5g.


Finally, Moto G54 5g from Moto is coming at Number 1 in our list. You can see the pricing at Rs 13,999 and Rs 15,999, with 8 GB RAM and 12 GB RAM. Now why does this phone come at number 1 position?

First of all, you are getting this with Mediatek Dimensions 7020, Which is going to give very good performance. In fact, whenever we have talked about smartphones till now, the most superior performance is going to be seen in this phone.



Moto G54 5g
Moto G54 5g.


Apart from this, you are going to get Display 6,5 Inches, 120 Hz Full HD plus Display, The phone has a 50 megapixel primary sensors camera, you are going to get voice support and Yes, in this phone you get 8 megapixel Android Sensors which was missing on all smartphones.

If we talk about battery then it is 6000 mAh battery. 33 watt fast charging support is provided here. Apart from this, dual Stereo speakers are going to be available in the speakers, so this was the Budget smartphone under 15000 to rank on the 1st position of our list.



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