Controversies of JDLJ 11 Celebrities.

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Controversies of JDLJ 11: Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 has started and all the contestants are giving Wonderful competition to everyone in the show. Be it dancers or non-dancers the show is not only interesting this year but along with it, the controversies related to all the contestants, Controversies of JDLJ 11 Celebrities is even more interesting.

So let’s know the controversial controversies related to all the contestants of this year.



Controversies of JDLJ 11 Celebrities.


The controversies of all the contestants in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11 have been very funny and a little serious too. Due to controversies, social media has been viral for many days and months. Because of which all the contestants are being trolled again and again. So without wasting time, let us know which contestants and which controversies are being trolled.



AAMIR ALI’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


AAMIR ALI, Aamir Ali met actress Sanjeeda Shaikh in a serial “Kya Dill Mein Hai” in 2007 and The audience liked their pairing very much and then after dating for a few years, both of them got married in 2012. But then in 2019, after seven years of marriage, news of their divorce started coming. Only after a year, a daughter was born to both of them with the help of surrogacy.

But Sanjeeda did not allow AAMIR to meet her daughter for ten months and they both got divorced officially in 2022. The cause of divorce is said to be Sanjeeda’s affair with actor Harshvardhan Rane. Along with all this, recently news has also started coming about AAMIR dating with Shamita Shetty.

Because Aamir was seen kissing Shamita for Papa Raazi. But no one has given any confirmation on this yet?



Shiv Thakare’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Shiv Thakare, Shiv’s controversy is a bit funny. When he went to Bigg Boss 16, the same year’s contestant Vikas’s wife Gunjan had tweeted and accused Shiv that he was wearing her husband Vikas’s clothes in the show and He criticized Shiv a lot on tweet but Shiv’s team did not give any reply in response to this.

Because she knew that Shiv’s fans know very well how Shiv is and that he has not one or two but three or four stylists. Who styles him throughout the show.



SHOAIB IBRAHIM’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


SHOAIB IBRAHIM, SHOAIB IBRAHIM and his wife Dipika Kakar are always stuck in some controversy or the other. First of all, the biggest controversy was Dipika’s marriage with SHOAIB. Because this was Dipika’s second marriage and her ex-husband alleged that their marriage broke because of Dipika’s affair with SHOAIB. It is a different matter that Dipika cited physical violence as the reason for the breakup of the marriage.

After this, Dipika changing her religion to get married and converting to Islam was very shocking for the audience and When SHOAIB or Dipika became pregnant, people started trolling both of them on the issue that Dipika was faking pregnancy for the public city and Not only this, people even started saying that this is Dipika’s second pregnancy and She already has a daughter from her first husband.

To prove this, fake photos of Dipika also went viral in the media. But on all these trolling and allegations, SHOAIB and Dipika came forward and silenced people with their answers.



Tanisha Mukerji’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Tanisha Mukerji, All the controversies of Tanisha are related to her Big Boss journey. When she was a part of Bigg Boss in 2013, her connection was made with Armaan Kohli. Who had a very abusive image towards women outside Bigg Boss and he did the same with the contestants in Bigg Boss house also.

Armaan was also seen getting violent with Tanisha many times, but Tanisha never raised her voice on this matter, rather she always stood in his support, due to which she had to face a lot of trolling. But after coming out of the show, Tanisha broke up with Tanisha. Which was a big relief for Tanisha’s family and most of all Tanisha is single.



Sreerama Chandra’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Sreerama Chandra, Sreerama is a big name of south industry and In 2018, Telugu actress Sri-Reddy had accused him of sending dirty messages on WhatsApp and The actress had also made her screenshots public but Sreerama called them all fake.

After this, again in 2019, his own style list Sugandha Sood accused Sreerama of sending her abusive messages and Its screenshots were also given to the media. Sreerama’s manager Joshina Anand asked Sugandha to style clothes for her for an event. But Sugandha refused saying that Sreerama’s social media image is very bad.

That’s why she doesn’t want to sell Sreerama any more, this thing affected Sreerama’s ego and He started talking directly to Sugandha from his manager’s phone, As if Sreerama did not give any answer on this issue even after being asked thousands of times by the media.



Anjali Anand’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Anjali Anand, Anjali made her Bollywood debut this year with the love story of the movie “Rocky Aur Rani” and Instead of appreciating him for this, people accused him that he got such a big movie in return for sexual favors. There is no hard work on his part, which is very difficult to hear for any hardworking artist.


Controversies of JDLJ 11 Celebrities.
Controversies of JDLJ 11 Celebrities.

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Karuna Pandey’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Karuna Pandey, Karuna has been a part of this industry for many years but has never been caught in any controversy till now. But at this age, he was appreciated a lot for his role in challenging the rules by playing the lead role in the serial “Pushpa impossible”.



Urvashi Dholakia’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Urvashi Dholakia, Urvashi, who has been acting since the age of six, has had a very tough life. She got married at the age of 16 and at the age of 17 she became the mother of two twin sons and Then, after just 1.5 years of marriage, her husband left her and Everything came to Urvashi but she kept working hard and When he for his sons who want to make a name for themselves in this industry or When he tried to do something for them, people trapped him in their nepotism and His name started being associated with director Sajid Khan in whose movies his son was working as an assistant director.

Even after all this, after years, when love came in Urvashi’s life in the form of Anuj Sachdeva, people started trolling her for loving a girl younger than her or Got them broken up. Whatever you say, Urvashi’s life has been so challenging and tough but she has lived it very bravely.



Sangeeta Phogat’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Sangeeta Phogat, Sangeeta was a part of a huge controversy this year. Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan Sharan was accused of sexual harassment. In support of which Sangeeta and her husband Bajrang had staged a protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

The way he and his sister Vinesh were arrested by the police and Photo taken during that arrest in which both the sisters are looking sad. Made Aastha a face by teasing her with the help of AI On which Sangeeta was again seen raising her voice.



Vivek Dahiya’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Vivek Dahiya, Vivek and Divyanka have been married for 7 years and After 6 years of marriage, i.e. last year, there was a lot of news in the media that Divyanka was cheating on Vivek.

Because at a function she was hugging a boy and People just started questioning that relationship. In response to which Vivek was saying that he was his brother and If there was anything else then it was about his and Divyanka’s beach.



Adrija Sinha’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Adrija Sinha, Adrija is new to the industry and Till now it has remained safe from controversy.



Rajiv Thakur’s Controversies of JDLJ 11:


Rajiv Thakur, “Kapil Sharma show” has played a big role in Rajiv’s career. But this show always surrounded itself with controversies. Sometimes leaving his show suddenly and sometimes Kapil Sharma and Getting crushed in Sunil Grover’s beach fight but Rajiv always took all this very spottingly.

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