EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE Launch Scooter For Just $799

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Today we’re going to take a look at the EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE, an ultra lightweight 30 LB electric seated scooter. For those looking for their first electric scooter and want a relaxed learning experience that won’t give you anxiety over speed or a twitch accelerator, or for those that simply want a last mile travel solution, the EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE is a perfect choice.

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The scooter comes with a top speed of 15.5 mph. In the top range of 15 miles, making it fast and easy for shorter range daily commutes, the Super lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry around, Weighting in at only 30 lbs. Bringing this into your car or upstairs for example, is not a problem. To make it even easier for you, you could use a key to quickly unlock and remove the battery, bringing the weight of the scooter down to only 19 lbs.

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Comfortable Ride with Advanced Features

In addition to features like adjustable suspension, a very comfortable memory, foam racer addition seat and reinforced foot pegs, the scooter comes with a durable frame that can endure up to 80 mph and is designed for maximum load of 240 lbs and while it can accommodate up to £300.

Please note that increase the weight will result in reduced speed. Now let’s talk about some of the extra features you’re getting here. For safety, the scooter comes with a key ignition as well as a lockable battery to increase protection against theft.

EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE Launch Scooter For Just $799

Quick Battery Swap

As for the battery, they are quickly swappable, allowing you to double your range in 30 seconds or less. When it comes time to charge the 36 Volt 10.4 amp hour battery, the times are ultra fast for the charge time of only five hours from zero to 100% and with the swappable battery feature, you could potentially quadruple and hit up to 60 miles every 12 hours.


Safety Features 

Another special feature here on the EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE is its tubeless tires that come with better tread, allowing you to face less punctures, have better grip on the road, and experience an overall safer ride.

For further safety riding the scooter comes with an easy to use headlight, brake light, horn and turn signals. In addition, the controls are intuitive and the LCD screen is plenty bright, allowing you to easily see how fast you’re going and how much battery you have left.


Ultra-light design and Customize Scooter

For those wanting to customize their scooter, you’ll have an endless upgrade path since you’ll be able to easily swap out parts to create the foundation, and with a frame that supports up to 80 mph, the possibilities are endless. In addition to upgrades, maintenance on the scooter is made to be super easy thanks to its externally routed wires and the fact that each component is simply plug and play.

If you’re looking for more, all E Move scooters go through multiple and endless upgrades. EMOVE makes every single upgrade with the intention to improve the experience of existing riders. SO When you get a EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE, it only gets better overtime.



Overall The EMOVE ROADRUNNER SE is a comfortable and easy to use last mile solution for those looking to get into E-Scooters. In addition to it being ultra lightweight, the raised handlebars allow for relaxed and comfortable riding position which combined with the comfortable seat makes it an enjoyable commuting option if you made it to the end.

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