Finally 2024 New Model Yamaha MT-15 V3 Launch date Confirm.

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In today’s article we will talk about the upcoming Yamaha MT-15 V3, You know it has been a long time since MT-15 V2 arrived. Now the time has come that this bike should get a little update. So, in today’s article I am going to talk about whether anything new can be seen in MT 15 V3?



2024 New Model Yamaha MT-15 V3 All Updates: 



Yamaha MT-15 V3 TFT display:


First of all, let’s talk about what updates you are going to see in Yamaha MT-15 V3? Let me tell you, the first update you will get in this bike will be in the speedometer of this bike, I would like to tell you friends, now

get to see a fully digital meter in the bike. But do you know that now TFT display is being used more in the Indian market?

So if the company should work on TFT display, then the updated TFT display will be seen first in MT 15 V3 and As far as I know, you guys get the same display in Yamaha R15. You can see the same display in MT-15 also. This is the first update you are going to see in the bike.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Suspension:


There will be a second update in the speedometer of this bike. Friends, in the suspension of this bike, just look at the suspension we get in the bike, you get that normal suspension. But I would like to clear you that now in the suspension that will come in Yamaha MT-15 V3, you will get to see adjustable suspension in it and This is also a new update that is going to happen in the bike which is very important for this bike.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Powerful Engine:


The next update that will be made in Yamaha MT-15 V3 will be in the engine of this bike, see, the engine of this bike is very good till now. There is no problem. But one thing is missing, that is QuickShifter, they provide Quick Shifter in their bike R15. But not given in MT-15 V3. Therefore they do not make any sales. Sales are not made because the company uses the same engine in both, So the company should update this Yamaha MT-15 V3 bike and also add Quick Shifter in this bike.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Ride By Wire: 


Which is going to be the next update friends in Ride By Wire of Yamaha MT-15 V3 bike, I would like to tell you that in this bike you get to see Ride By Wire, which is normal, Wire in accelerator, But you know the era of Ride By Wire has come, so there are a lot of chances that the company can give you Ride By Wire in both Yamaha R15 and Yamaha MT-15 V3.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Tail Light: 


Friends, let me tell you about the next update of this bike in the tail light. Now you know that the tail light is very similar to that in Yamaha MT-15 V3. Means the company has not made any update in the tail light of this bike for a long time. So I would like to tell you that the company can work on tail light also. You will get to see the new design of the Tail Light. There are very high chances of this.


Finally 2024 New Model Yamaha MT-15 V3 Launch date Confirm.
Finally 2024 New Model Yamaha MT-15 V3 Launch date Confirm.


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Yamaha MT-15 V3 LED Projector Light: 


NEXT update is going to happen in Lightning of this bike, The LED projector light you get in this bike is no doubt quite good. But friends, it has Illumination Visibility. The company can increase it further if it wants and many people are also saying, Customers also want this thing which is projector light. You can also see that in the bike. I hope that whatever projector light you get, its power should be a little better.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 New Colour Options: 


Friends, next update is going to happen in the color option of this bike, See, whenever Yamaha updates its bikes, it brings something new, so obviously the thing is the people definitely work in new graphic, new color option. Meaning do you add a new color to your category? We will know what the new color option will be like once it arrives. But I hope whatever color options we get is going to be much better, There is a new graphic on this bike and I think it should be like this. You can also see the new color option in Yamaha MT-15 V3.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Pillion Seats: 


The next update will be regarding the pillion seat of this bike, but there will be no update here. What I mean to say is that you guys keep asking again and again about its pillion seat, whether the company will work here or increase its pillion seat. See, its chances are negligible. The biggest reason for this is that if the company increases the pillion seat, So its design may be a bit bad and the company would not want to tamper with Yamaha at all. Because they know that the sales of Yamaha bikes are very high in the Indian market. Many people like it so I feel like nothing is going to happen here.



Yamaha MT-15 V3 Breaking System:


Now the next update of this bike can be in the future. Currently you get dual channel anti lock breaking system in this bike. But now the news is coming that a few days ago the company can put a new braking plate in this bike and the company can increase the size of the plate. The chances of which are quite high. So this is also a new update that can happen in the bike.

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