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FREE FIRE INDIA LAUNCH DATE: After September, now the month of October is also about to end and till now no good news, no official announcement related to Free Fire India has come out here and the players are losing their hopes somewhere. If we look anywhere, the launch of Free Fire India Game is getting delayed.

The hype of Free Fire India is coming to an end somewhere. But as you know that time I bring good news and positive news for you, then finally today I have come and in today’s article we will talk about the good news related to Free Fire India. Also, at the end of this article, there is a big surprise regarding Free Fire India.

Let me give you a little hint, then brother, a big surprise related to the upcoming Thala character of our MS Dhoni Sir will be found in today’s article.






Free Fire India Launch Date: 


First of all, let’s talk about the date of Free Fire India, it is believed that the game is going to be released on 31st October. But there is no official announcement yet. But I want to share one thing with you guys that now I have got a leak from somewhere that the upcoming Saturday, Sunday is going to happen, today is 27th and 28th is going to be Saturday, 29th is going to be Sunday so like this you There are 90% or very high chances that we can see good news on these two days.

There are very high chances that this is going to happen Upcoming Saturday, Sunday. On this day, the official announcement of our Free Fire India is going to happen because this Saturday, Sunday is going to be a very important day. If there is some announcement on this day then only you can believe that, when this 31st of October is going to come this month



A Kelly Show Before Free Fire India Launch:


If it does not happen then one more thing will happen here and those things will be Kelly Show. As you know that every OB Before the update we get to see a Kelly Show. In which Kelly tells us about all the updates, the shooting of that episode is going on very quickly. Its Hindi dubbing is going on very quickly.

I think the episode that is on Saturday, Sunday will come and I have also heard that this is the episode of Kelly Show, in this the official announcement of Free Fire India is going to be made about our game. Coming on 31st October. Now you people will say that we know that there are chances of the game coming here on 31st October.



“Lets Grow Esports” Tweet About Free Fire India Launch Date:


Friend, tell me something new, on the one hand, I want to share a very big thing with you people and that is the tweet of Lets grow Esports. Now, for those who do not know what Lets grow Esports is, this is the first account and which is India Gaming Related or many more. Things are about to happen, their leaks are confirmed leaks. This Esports page or account handle gives information here. You will remember that before Free Fire came to India, a photo of Kelly, Hayato and Maxim had gone viral, so that photo was first shared by Lets grow Esports people on this account, so their leaks are quite a lot.

Most are 100℅ confirmed. The trailer shoot that took place in which our Sania Nehwal and Sunil Cheetri Sir were there, these people have told long ago that such things are going to happen in the trailer of Free Fire India, so should I trust anyone or not? But I trust his leaks a lot and he made a very important tweet yesterday itself. You can see that tweet in the background that Free Fire India is Expected to Release in India by November and an Event may Happen By Mid December i.e. the chances of Free Fire India being launched are very high in November.

Now these people said it somewhere or the other. The game will come in November, so now I also feel that the game will come in November only. I think has been postponed a bit since October. Now the game will come in November, we should wait for the coming Saturday and Sunday. This day we will know I think confirmed. When will the official announcement come about the game? According to those who write ‘confirmed’ here, according to them the game here is going to come in November and a big event is going to happen in December and that event is going to be an E-Sports Tournament.

The tournament that will take place here is a huge E-Sports tournament in December. Now if it is in December, the game will have to be brought in November. Now your chances are very high and these people have also confirmed that the game will come in November. But I still feel that the game may also come in October. But see, if the game does not come on 31st October then the game will be confirmed only in November.



Biggest Surprise After Free Fire India Launch Date:


Now let’s talk about the biggest surprise of this article and it is going to be a surprise. Related to our Mahendra Singh Dhoni Sir’s character Tahla, as you know that currently there are characters in our game called Jeena, their voice pack is in type. He said, he speaks something in himself, like you must have seen Alok, he speaks something and the one who is Kelly also speaks something, so these characters, all of them have a special voice pack here and one which is our Thala character.

He is also going to get a Voice Pack. And the Voice Pack has been leaked. Literally, after listening to this, which is going to be the voice pack of the Thala character, your mood, heart, temperament, everything will be completely healed, it will become completely fresh, and you people will be the first to listen to the voice pack of our Dhoni sir’s character. Check it out “Practice Makes Perfect” Now about Voice pack, We will talk in a little while but before that let me clear one thing to you guys, I talk about some of the things that are there in many posts or these are the leaked things.

I do not edit the posts and videos that I am showing you, I get them from some sources or the other. I don’t edit it myself, I don’t have that much time and I don’t have such good editing skills, I get these things from somewhere or the other, that person gives them to me, then I can be seen in the article and I work so hard. I search for all these things and if someone else uses your hard work then you.

So, I will feel bad, that’s why brother, whatever information I get, I use it in my article and if anyone wants it, then they should contact me personally. I will give him the information without any problem and yes, just know that the countdown to Free Fire India has started. We will get to see this confirmed in the next one to two weeks, so don’t let the hype go by. Be excited for Free Fire India. So when our official Indian game is coming, don’t hate it, create hype and stay positive.


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