Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter will give Competition to Big Companies as Soon as it is Launched in India, that too at a Low Price.

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Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter Launched: You must have heard about Gogoro company, but no one knows when it will launch in India. But finally this update has come from the company that they are going to launch their car in December. Whose name will be Crossover. This vehicle was launched world wide some time ago by Gogoro, This vehicle has many unique features and has been developed basically for commercial use.



Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India


This electric scooter is a completely new addition to the portfolio. In their Gogoro series, there is a Taiwanese company. But in India, for some time now, we have been running our vehicles with partnerships in India. But no consumer can purchase here. Basically here the companies have acquired it through partnership, But apart from that this good news has also arrived.

Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India
Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India


They are going to finally launch the Crossover in India in December and It will be seen on Indian roads in 2024. By the way, this vehicle looks very nice. Comes with Robo design. The look has also been given very well.



Billion Dollars Invested In Gogoro Crossover


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The company has invested 1.5 billion dollars in Maharashtra in India. It is approximately Rs 12,300 crore with which they will be able to manufacture their own car. Although initially there is B2B service. They have partnership with like Zomato, Swiggy, But according to the actual consumer, the vehicle has not been launched here. Right now it is running only on partnership.



Gogoro Crossover: Battery Removal and Swapping


This vehicle basically comes with a removable battery and Gogoro none for their six second battery swapping technology. Their battery swiping is so fast. Till now no one in the whole world has such a fast swapping system. Like Gogoro and it is actually the most famous sweeping network in Taiwan.

Because their swapping networks can be seen everywhere. By the way, the company is planning something like this in India also. But India is not yet developed in a way where swiping network is so successful. It will take time, when there will be more electric vehicles, then all these swapping networks will start being maintained well and you will see more and more of them in big cities.



Gogoro Crossover: Scooter capabilities

Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India

If I talk about the capabilities of this scooter, it is a cargo style electric scooter. You can also keep cargo in the front. Cargo can also be kept in the rear side as the same accessories are available in it. A steel tubular frame is provided here, which enhances its rigidity. It has a wheelbase of 1400 mm, LED headlight is available in the front fender, telescopic fork in the front and dual suspension in the rear. There is a 220 mm disc brake at the front and a 180 mm disc brake at the rear and this scooter is provided with 12 inch alloy wheels.



Gogoro Crossover: Battery Weight


This vehicle has a total of two batteries. Both are removable batteries. But the capacity of the battery is 1.6 kWh. However, when it comes to India, its battery capacity will be higher. However, even by combining both, the reach that the vehicle is providing at present is 100 kilometers. But I am talking about the international variant.

Because if we are launching in India also in December then it would be better to launch the one which has more range but it will definitely not be more than 120. The capacity of this vehicle is only that much and electric scooters nowadays in India provide maximum range of this much only. This range which I told you is 100 kilometers which is the international variant.

Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India

It has a ground clearance of 142mm which is fine. It would probably be better if it was a little more as per Indian road and the weight given here is 126 kg. However, I would like to say one thing about this electric scooter. If you remove 10 kg from the scooter i.e. remove the battery packs, then its weight reduces a little further.

The weight of the battery itself is 10 kg and there are two battery packs. For this reason, the total weight of these batteries becomes 10 kg, however, if you carry it after carrying it or Talking about swiping, you can easily swipe it as per the weight. Because five kg its not as much per removal battery if compared to other batteries, Especially with this size and plus this premium category battery from Gogoro.



Gogoro Crossover: Motor Range


Talking about international variants, the motor here has liquid cooled technology. Provably you can see liquid cool system in Indian variant also. Generates maximum power of 7 kilowatts.

Generates top speed of 62-65 kilometers per hour and torque of 26.6nm. This statement has also come from the company that most of the parts of the vehicle will be manufactured locally. For this reason they are paying such a huge amount to the Maharashtra Government for manufacturing, and They are also going to get a lot of space. So overall, Gogoro company is going to do a lot for the Indian market.



Gogoro Crossover: Safety Tasted

Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter launch in India
Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooter Launched


It can give a good competition to all the electric scooters available in the Indian market. Like there is a loss because this scooter of Gogoro is Trident tested. Trident tested yes, it is not that after making it and sending it to fire, accident, this problem, that problem, Gogoro deals only on electric scooters and What quality product does it produce? Meaning their top notch and battery quality is very strong.

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