Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.

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So friends, have you just spent a lot of cash on Google for its amazing new Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro smartphones? and you want to make sure you get the maximum benefits? So, this article is for you.


Because we’ll introduce you to the hottest thigh strokes from new tools like that thermometer and the cool Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro features. Which I could never bloody spell for those clever new camera bits. So get ready, hot tips are coming.



Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features. 



Part One: Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Fully Setup and Customization: 


Now let’s get started with some quick setup tips when you first get your Pixel 8. So when you first rip your Pixel out-of-the-box, set it up perfectly.

The first thing you’ll want to do is personalize it. Long press on any spot on your desktop and go to Wallpaper & Style. You can also find it in the Settings menu.

From here you can customize both the lock screen and home screen.

Now the very first thing I recommend doing is hitting up app grid down at the bottom. That Grid is set up so you get columns of four app icons, which is a bit of a waste of space. Especially on the Pixelate Pro you will definitely want to increase this to 5×5, as long as your vision can handle it and oh so quickly.

Bonus tip if you do have the Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro, remember to jump on into the settings and Scroll down to display and inside of this menu you will find the screen resolution option and this is actually set to high resolution by default, not making the most of that Quad HD plus panel.

You want to bump that up to full resolution if you want super crispy visuals. This will slightly impact the battery life, but the pixel 8 pro longevity is impressive. To say the least, we’re talking sting levels of staying power here.


Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.
Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.



Ai Wallpaper and Other Option: 


Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.
Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.


When you first boot up your Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro, the background will probably look something like this and you see Google’s choice of default wallpaper is bad, it’s just a bit mineral. But once again, you can change this quickly and easily by long pressing on the desktop, going to Wallpaper and Style. You can change the wallpaper to your liking by going to your photos, including images you’ve downloaded yourself.

Well hey, there are lots of other minerally options if you’re really into your rocky formations.


We don’t judge here on tech support and Android 14 has also added in a fresh new feature, AI Wallpaper.

This can really make a paper work on your behalf if you are lacking motivation. Want to choose a theme? There are only 7 initially but hopefully this will expand over time.

I’m going for the unexpected scenario that originally gave rise to a sentence below. This will be used to create your AI wallpaper and you can tap on any of these. Underlined words to change them up from a small selection of different options.

So let’s go for a surreal swamp in a nice bit of fuchsia and then tap Create Wallpaper when you’re happy. And then bosh, there’s our real Fujian swamp. I think I really like the hairy one.

Look, yes, Google’s AI wallpaper feature is limited at the moment.




Lock Screen Setup: 


While you’re in that Wallpaper & Style menu, you can also customize your lock screen. For example, just swipe left or right to change the watch face. You can also change the color and size of that brown guy and don’t forget to scroll down a bit and change the shortcut, too.

You can add up to two shortcuts to your lock screen, one in the bottom left corner, one in the bottom right corner.






You’ve also got an option here in the lock screen settings.

Fixed notifications on lock screen.

Show notifications on the lock screen, if you don’t you may want to activate it. Don’t want to constantly have to turn on your phone to see if you got a new message or something. And there are plenty of other options hidden in the additional settings, including the always helpful Now Playing. Talking about notifications, Android 14 now offers an improved alert system.

To check this, go to Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro settings and go to notifications and if you scroll down to the bottom you will find flash notifications. And with this useful tool you can flash the camera or blink the screen every time you receive a message or any other notification. You can also change the color of the screen flash and make it something that is particularly eye-catching.




Part Two: Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Features &Tools: 


So let’s now take a look at some of the smart Android tools you’ll find inside Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro and Android 14. Now, one of the more unique and perhaps singularly distinctive features of the Pixel 8 Pro model here is the temperature sensor that’s stuck just below the camera flash. This is a Pro Exclusive. If you’ve got a regular pixel here, you’ll notice that it’s noticeably absent.

Now to actually use it, you just have to go to the Thermometer app on your Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro and then tap on Object Temperature. You can use it with default settings. Otherwise, if you tap this Wii icon down here, you can specify the katana thing whose temperature you’re trying to take, and if you find yourself within about 2 inches of the object, Just don’t touch it and then tap to measure and move away.

Obviously it should not be used as a medical device, at least not yet. And it should only be used to monitor external temperatures, not internal so basically don’t use the Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro in the body.




Live Caption &Translate:


Live Caption is a great feature. Comes in handy in a variety of scenarios.

For example, this is definitely useful when you’re watching a video and you either can’t hear what people are watching because the background noise is too much, you need to keep the volume down, or you You just need some bold help and it will work for you.

These captions can also be used to translate something live if you’re watching in a different language on YouTube or other video apps.


Just turn on Live Caption in the normal way by pressing one of the volume buttons and then tap on this Wii icon at the bottom that pops up and as you can see there, it will automatically recognize it.

Language, If it’s a language you haven’t translated before you’ll be asked to download a language pack, and just tap Translate to English and boom, and you currently have around French, German, Spanish, a handful of supported There are many languages. , Italian and Japanese. And that’s a great feature if you’re monolingual like me, I can barely speak one language. And now with Android 14, you can even live caption a phone call again.

Call again with that live translation if you need it. Absolutely brilliant feature Again, just press the volume button and tap Live Caption when you’re on a call and away you go.




Personal Safety:


Another pixelated slash Android 14 feature worth checking out is Personal Security. Scroll down until you see Security & Emergency and then open Personal Safety. Now it covers all the usual things.

Great features including car accident detection. If Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro estimates that you’ve been in a car accident, it will flash a notification on the screen and may contact emergency services if you don’t respond and Google also offers an excellent emergency sharing feature.

So if you find yourself well, you can immediately contact your emergency contacts and the phone will also share your real-time location so that they can come to your aid.


And another good thing is the security check feature. It will keep checking on you, basically making sure you’re not. For example, if there is any trouble when you are walking home alone at night and if you do not respond, it will again contact your emergency contacts and establish those emergency contacts.

Nice and simple, just tap on your information tab at the bottom here.

You can install them right here.






Of course your Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro smartphone and Android 14 are packed with excellent privacy features as always.To explore these, go into your Pixelate or Pixelate Pro settings and scroll down until you find Security & Privacy. You can get full Google protection.

Go in here do the health check and then if you tap on privacy, you get access to your privacy dashboard so you can see what your different apps are doing, what access to your camera and microphone and other sensitive bits. Is reaching. And also don’t forget, if you have a Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro, just go to that Google One app and here you’ll find that nifty VPN that Google has built in.

Simply tap on Use VPN and it will be activated and then your location will no longer be tracked. But to be honest, it has a lot of great security and privacy.

The Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro are a little full on the inside, so definitely have a good old explore, see what you can find, Thanks to the almighty Google overlords for the Magnifier tool, which is now built into Android 14 and it does exactly what you expect it to do, just blow up any small Lesson and allow you to read it more comfortably. and we should have even more in the coming months.




Part Three: Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Camera Tips: 


Tips and tricks guide you through it with some hot camera action. Now, perhaps not surprisingly, most of Google’s latest software changes have been focused on that camera.

Now of course, let’s not forget all the old classics, like the ability to instantly load the camera by double tapping that power button, even when Pixelate is hibernating.



Watching Videos: Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features. 

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Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Control: 


If you’ve bought yourself a Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro, you’ll get the cool new Pro controls by simply swiping up and then tapping Pro. This gives you the option to shoot images with 50 megapixel resolution instead of the default 12. You can now also capture RAW images for instant editing.

As you can see, it captures RAW and JPEG simultaneously, and you’ve now also got the option of manual lens selection. If you select it, you’ll see that the normal zoom controls have been replaced with actual ultra wide, wide, and telephoto options.




Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Top Shot: 


Now, another one of my favorite Google Camera features. If you proceed normally, you will see the Top Shot feature. If you photograph a lot of children, cats, limbs, and anything that has free will, it’s generally a little uncontrolled. Well, it’s worth skipping, because when you go to Google Photos, it’s not really the best possible moment if you choose.

Simply tap Choose a better shot below. Then you can rub backwards and forwards from time to time to try to find a moment that doesn’t feel so bad.




Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro have been Magic Editor:


And if you have a photo, don’t stress. A bit strange because you can also select a suitable pant using Google’s excellent editing tools in Google Photos. Just go to edit and here at the bottom left corner you will see the fresh view magic editor tool. And you can do all kinds of things with it, including magically moving a person or object. Just highlight them and then long press and as you, you can drag them about place.

For example, you can change the positions of your family members so that it looks like they are standing together, as if they really enjoy each other’s company.




Audio Eraser: 


You’ll also get lots of great tools to create some eye-catching video clips. For example, let’s say you shot a video in a very noisy location. Lots of background noise, murmurs, wind noise, lots of things that basically make the video look bad.

Well, never fear again, just get into editing and then head over to the Audio tab and you will see the Fresh View Audio array or feature. As you can see, it can help reduce all the imperfections in the background.

Simply tap each little sound icon and then shake it. All you have to do is slide it down and in any case the noise and any background music playing will be reduced. But if you’re making a comment, you may want to leave the speech complete. And then here’s an example of pre and post audio wizardry.




Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Future update Video Boost: 


Then later in 2023, Google has promised that it will add the fresh new video boost feature.

Now this will be a Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Exclusive view. Apparently won’t be able to achieve this on a regular Pixel, but from what I can it will really make your photos brighter and sharper when you’re shooting in low light. Really looking forward to testing that out. As I said, hopefully it should arrive here before the end of 2023 via one of those glorious Google updates.




Conclusion of Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Tips:

The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are two of the best smartphones on the market, and with these tips and tricks, you can get the most out of them. Be sure to check out all of the new features in Android 14 as well, as there’s a lot to love.


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Watching videos: Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro Tips | 20+ Best Android 14 Features.

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