Hero Hunk 160R Relaunched with 159cc Engine and 60 KMpl Mileage.

A very good news is coming out from Hero Company that Hero Company is going to relaunch its new bike Hero Hunk 160r in the Indian Two Wheeler Market very soon with many new changes and many new updates. But it is going to completely change the look of this bike and provide a very spectacular look.


In this post you will get complete information about what new updates Hero Companies is going to make in the bike. When is the new model of this bike going to be launched in India, what will be the price of this bike in India remains to be seen.



Hero Hunk 160r Relaunch


The new Hero Hunk 160r has entered the hearts of Indian youth, putting Bajaj Pulsar to shame! Hero is once again going to introduce its BK in a new avatar. Like every time, this time also this bike of Hero is going to create a stir in the Indian market. Hero company has many such bikes which live in the hearts of every Indian. Keeping this in mind, Hero has planned to create a stir this time too.



Hero Hunk 160r Update & Changes


There was a time in India where Hero Hunk 160r Bike used to rule the hearts of all of us. Hero Hunk 160r bike used to be the first choice of people in the Indian Two Wheeler market but Hero did not make any update in this bike in time.


Due to which the sales of this bike had reduced considerably and due to this the bike had to be discontinued in India. Learning from its mistakes, this time it is going to relaunch this bike in India. Hero companies will relaunch this bike by making many new changes in the bike.



Hero Hunk 160r Features & Look


Hero Company is going to make many changes in 160r bike. The first change is that the front headlight of this bike will get a more aggressive and better LED light setup than before. Which is providing a very amazing look to the bike. Apart from this, the bike will get LED Taillight setup with LED indicator which is providing a very good look to the bike. The meter console of this bike will have a colorful meter console with TFT display which will be equipped with the latest technology and features.

Hero Hunk 160R Relaunched with 159cc Engine and 60 KMpl Mileage.

The braking set up will feature dual channel ABS with dual disc brake. Which is very important for the safety of the bike and at the same time the bike will get 6-speed Gear Box Manual setup with turn by turn navigation. The overall body design of the bike and the fairing design of the bike have been completely changed. Now Hero Hunk 160r bike will be seen with a very muscular look and premium look.



Hero Hunk 160r Engine


Hero Hunk 160r bike will get a 160r engine which will compete with Apache 164v and NS 160, apart from this, you will get the feature of Bluetooth Connectivity in the bike and the bike will be available with E 20 model which will be BS6 Phase 2 engine.



Hero Hunk 160r Price

Hero Hunk 160R Relaunched with 159cc Engine and 60 KMpl Mileage.
Hero Hunk 160R Relaunched with 159cc Engine and 60 KMpl Mileage.

Hero Hunk 160R Relaunched with 159cc Engine and 60 KMpl Mileage.

Talking about its price, its price is not special, you can buy it at a price less than the price of Pulsar or Apache. Talking about its exact price, it starts from Rs. 1.17 lakh and Its maximum price is Rs 1.30 lakh.



Hero Hunk 160r Mileage


You will be happy to see its mileage, if we talk about Hero company, it has never disappointed its users in terms of mileage. If we talk about its exact mileage, it will give at least 55 kilometers in one litre. The company believes that if the road is right then its mileage can be seen even up to 60.



Hero Hunk 160r Rivals


Many excellent and amazing features can be found in Hero Company’s new bike 160r and a powerful bike is available at such a low price. Hero Company has also done a lot of work on the safety, engine, and design of the bike. At the same time, in the Indian market it can give tough competition to Apache 164v and NS 160.


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