iOS 17.1 beta 3 What’s New & What’s Fixed.

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Hello Friends Finally today Apple released iOS 17.1 beta 3 to registered developers and soon for public beta testers. Now, along with this release, apple also dropped the third beta for (iPad OS 17.1) , (watchOS ten) , (one macOS, Sonoma 14.1) , (tvOS 17.1) and (HomePod version 17.1).

But of course, this video is all about iOS 17.1 beta 3. And you can see the size of this update came in at 639 megabytes on iPhone 15 Pro Max. Let’s go and check out the build number for this new version.

Our settings general about 21B5066 A is the new build number. So we do have an A at the end of the build, which indicates we could see the RC version of 17.1 as early as next week.



New Feature & changes in iOS 17.1 beta 3: 


we’ll talk more about that is the overheating issue that was resolved with iOS 17.0.3, the public release. So I would assume that that same fix that dropped the temperature pretty much of all of our devices to improve battery life and reduce heat output has most likely been put here in iOS 17.1 beta 3.



No longer banned:


Now, this update does also fix the Radiation issue that caused the iPhone Twelve specifically to be banned in France. So Apple actually published a new support document today and it shows that ios 17.1 beta 3 will be the update to fix that radiation issue. And it kind of just reiterates that the iPhone Twelve is and always has been safe to use.

This basically just had to do with the regulations in France. That was the reason it was only banned in France and no where else. And the way that Apple said they’re going to fix this with iOS 17.1 beta 3 is they’re going to reduce power when off body on a static surface.

So it says that the iPhone Twelve will no longer increase the allowed power when the off body state is detected, such as while it’s sitting on a table and it says as such, in coverage areas where cell signal is low, this change in antenna transmit power may result in slightly lower cellular performance.

In certain off body use cases, the vast majority of users are not expected to notice any impact. So this is only going to impact a small amount of people.

But it is a pretty important update because the whole iPhone Twelve being banned in France issue like made national headlines last week and previous weeks as well. So iOS 17.1 beta 3 is going to be the update. Apple is not going to push out a 17.0.4 just for this. It seems that was really the only reason I could see Apple pushing out a 17.0.4 was to fix this issue.



Wallet Crashing:


Now, we do also have some interesting tidbits in the release notes for iOS 17.1 beta 3 because if we look here, we can see that the Wallet actually has a known issue and it says that the Wallet app might crash on launch for users on iOS 17.1 beta one and two and beta 3 is released. So I have iOS 17.1 beta 2 running here on my other iPhone 15 Pro max, my main device, and it did not crash. So this could be an issue.

And if you are facing that, just simply update your device to 17.1 beta 3. But that’s a pretty strange known issue there. I’ve not seen that one before. And the other two known issues related to Wallet and Apple Pay do also have work arounds there as well.



Battery Drain Fix: 


Now, something else I want to point out here is related to power. this one’s interesting because it says that iOS 17.1 beta 3 has fixed the battery drain bug that a lot of you guys had issues with. So it says fixed increased power consumption might occur when an Apple Watch running watch OS 10.1 is paired with an iPhone running iOS 17.0 or vice versa.

So I know a lot of you guys had issues when running watch OS 10.0 on an iPhone running iOS 17.1.So if you had battery drain issues when your watch and your iPhone were not on the same level of software, that has been fixed here with this third beta. And then there is also a known issue related to Cinematic mode in the camera.

So it says repeatedly entering Cinematic mode or switching between front facing and rear facing captures in Cinematic mode on the 15 and 15 Pro specifically might cause the preview to freeze for a couple of seconds.



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Journal app, Charging, Music crash, Ringtones: 


Of course, we do not have the Journal app here and iOS 17.1 beta 3. As I mentioned, I would not expect that until 17.2. And also the battery cycle count and also the charging to 80%, both of those are still only iPhone 15 exclusives. They are not available on other devices and I don’t see that happening at all.

However, I will say that I no longer have the crash in the music application when I go to Songs and then I go to filter and filter it by my favorited songs. So for whatever reason on beta two, on 17.1 beta 2, my device, my music application would crash every single time that I would filter this by favorites. And it was only for songs. It didn’t happen for artists, playlists or albums.

It was only in songs. But it looks like that has been fixed here in beta three. And then if you still did not have your custom ringtones reappear in beta two, like some of you reported, those should be here in beta three. As you can see, my custom ones are right here up top and they will also show up for your text tones if you go down to text tone here.



New Airpod Pro 2 Film ware Released: 


Now, I did also want to mention that a new AirPods Pro Two firmware was pushed out today as well. And this is going to be an official firmware, not a beta firmware. And the version number is six a 30 three.

So if you do have the AirPods Pro Two, if you go into your settings here and then go into your AirPods and then go down to the bottom, you will see that I’m still on six A 30 one, but six a 30 3 is the new one. So you should see that update roll out to your device today as long as you are charging your AirPods and they’re next to your iPhone.



Performance and battery life on iOS 17.1 beta 3: 


As far as the performance and battery life goes, I did just run a Geek bench six test and we scored a 20916 on the single core and a 7295 on the multi core. And you can see how that compares to previous tests right there.So it is a little bit lower on both the single core and on the multi core.

But again, this is after a fresh install and I will run this again in a few days just to see what the actual score is after it’s done. Re indexing everything, but performance sofar feels about the same. I mean, I really can’t tell the difference between this update and the previous updates. However, I will say that even after running that geek bench test, my device is not a shot as it was previously on previous beta.

So that again reiterates my theory that Apple did implement the fix that they put in 17.0.3 to reduce the amount of heat output coming from the device. And for that reason alone, I think that we could see an increase in battery life here with iOS 17.1 beta 3. So don’t expect any major changes, but especially battery does drain when your device is hot. So for that reason, I would expect to see as light bump in battery life compared to previous beta.




iOS 17.1 beta 3 is a minor update that includes bug fixes and new features for developers to test. It is expected that iOS 17.1 beta 3 will be released to the public in the fall of 2023.



Watch Videos: iOS 17.1 beta 3 What’s New & What’s Fixed.

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