iOS 17.4.1 Expected Soon: Bug Fixes for iPhones and iPads

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Hey guys in today’s video I wanted to give you guys a quick update on iOS 17.4.1. Now as you may remember last week I talked about how Mac Rumors already confirmed that there’s devices running 17.4.1 visiting their website. So they found this information on their website analytics and logs.

So iOS 17.4.1 one is a software that Apple is currently testing to hopefully address a few issues and bugs within the iPhone that some iPhone users continue to the report and the second thing I wanted to update you guys on its iOS 17.5.1, the Next major update that should be coming to the iPhone in form of beta one here in just about a week. So let’s go ahead and dive right into this video in this quick update.


What’s New in iOS 17.4.1

So the first thing I want to talk about is iOS 17.4.1. As I mentioned, Apple is already testing this minor software update, but when will it be released and what is Apple looking to address? Well, there’s a few things that we need to talk about.

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There’s been about four different reports of issues with 17.4 that hopefully 17.4.1 will address, and No.1 is animation issues. So some users report that unlock their iPhones, when sometimes it would freeze. Launching apps, sometimes they freeze. I haven’t encountered too many issues with animations, only twice when unlocking my iPhone I’ve noticed a stutter within the animation, but other than that, nothing major. But yeah, some users report animation issues with 17.4 and hopefully 17.4.1 will address this.


When to Expect the Air Pods Update

Now, there’s also a strange behavior happening with AIR Pods. Many users continue to report that Air Pods will put the volume up and down, or mute and pause music and things like that without users even touching their Air Pods.

iOS 17.4.1 Expected Soon: Bug Fixes for iPhones and iPads

So a strange behavior with Air Pods could be addressed with 17.4.1, Although, I believe this has to do with the firmware on the Airpods themselves. Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see for iOS 17.4.1 to see if Apple mentions anything in regards to a weird behavior for Air Pods.


Focus on Bluetooth Bug Fixes

Now some users over on Reddit. Continue to report Bluetooth issues with iOS 17.4. Now I haven’t encountered too many Bluetooth issues on my iPhone with iOS 17.4. But a lot of you guys continue to report Bluetooth issues on iOS 17.4 and hopefully we’ll see 17.4.1 address any of these Bluetooth concerns for some of you guys out there and last but not least, battery life.


Focus on Battery Life issues Fixes

Now I know a lot of you guys continue to report that the battery life on iOS 17.4 just isn’t good at all. Now in my experience, battery life has been pretty stable. I can’t say that this battery life is the best, but it isn’t the worst. So I get through my entire day without any issues.

If we take a look here at the battery life on my iPhone, you can see right there I get through my entire day without any issues about 7 to 8 hours of on screen time, which is pretty good for me and I know not everyone has the same experience. Again, some of you guys continue to report poor battery life, so hopefully 17.4.1 will address any of these battery concerns.


Potential Release Date iOS 17.4.1

Now when can we expect this software update? Well, today is Wednesday, March 20th. Personally, I thought Apple would release this update as early as Monday the 18th or at the latest today. That has yet to happen. So, Apple could release this update before the end of the week.iOS 17.4.1 Expected Soon: Bug Fixes for iPhones and iPads

We’ve seen Apple release official softwares without any beta testing as late as Friday. So we can expect the software this week and then we should expect 4 developers 17.5, which brings me to the next topic.


Looking Ahead: iOS 17.5 on the Horizon

So personally, when it comes to iOS 17.5, the beta 1, I think this beta will not be available until next week, the week of the 25th of March, because there’s a rumor that Apple could be releasing brand new iPads as early as next week.

Now iOS 17.5 may have some references and information in regards to those new iPads that have yet to be released. So I’m thinking that 17.5 will most likely become available beta one for developers and public beta testers that is as early as next week, perhaps on Tuesday or Wednesday, along side new iPad announcements and things like that So yeah, I was 17.5.I have an entire article of what to expect, some of the latest new features that could be coming to the iPhone if you want to check that out.


But again, 17.5 beta 1 could be available as early as next week, so expect 17.4.1 before the end of this week, the week of the 18th and then 17.5 beta 1 of the following week, the week of the 25th, alongside a new iPad announcement and that’s everything I wanted to share with you guys because I know a lot of you guys are waiting for iOS 17.4.1 to hopefully see some improvements in battery life, Bluetooth and things like that.

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