iOS 17.4.1 Update: Top 10 Secret Features You NEED to Know

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Today, Apple released iOS 17.4.1 to the public. iOS 17.4.1 is available worldwide simultaneously for everyone, regardless of beta settings being turned on or off. Additionally, Apple also released iPad OS 17.4.1, Vision OS 1.1.1, as well as older updates iOS 16.7.7 and iPad iOS 16.7.7. As of now, there are no updates for Watch OS, Mac OS, TV OS, or Homepod OS.



The update varies in size depending on whether betas are turned on or off; it can range from 406.5 megabytes to approximately 6.46 gigabytes. If betas are active, the build is consistent across devices.

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Build Number and Modem Update

The build number for iOS 17.4.1 is 21E236 and incorporates a new modem update. For iPhone 15 PRO or 15 PRO Max, the modem should be updated to version 15504 to enhance cellular network connectivity.

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Top 10 Secret Features

1. Dynamic Lock Screen Clock: Clock color alters based on the selected city’s time.

2. Improved Stolen Device Protection: Allows immediate action to protect stolen devices.

3. 100+ New Emojis: Enhanced emoji collection for chat fun.

4. Messaging with Siri: Enables message composition using Siri in the messaging app.

5. Hidden Battery Health Indicator: Displays battery charge cycle graph under Settings > Battery Health.

6. Customized Control Center: Ability to personalize shortcuts in Control Center.

7. Scan Text in Photos: Facilitates text scanning in Camera or Photos app.

8. Air Quality Index in Weather App: Includes Air Quality Index in the weather app.

9. Expanded Translation Feature: Supports more languages for easy communication.

10. Offline Tracking in Find My App: Allows lost device tracking without internet connection.

iOS 17.4.1 Update: Top 10 Secret Features You NEED to Know

Changes, Updates, and Bug Fixes

The update offers bug fixes and security enhancements without specific details on resolved issues. Notable improvements include faster notes app and seamless music playback.



Previous bugs such as alarms failing to sound off, device slowdowns, reboots, unresponsive home controls, and volume sliders have potential fixes, yet require monitoring.


Security Updates

iOS 17.4.1 includes undisclosed security updates highlighting iOS’s firm stance on user protection. Further details may unfold over time showcasing heightened security measures.


A New Useful Apple Website

Apple launched a comprehensive website housing manuals, specs, and downloads for its products. The portal offers extensive information on various Apple products for user reference.



Initial feedback suggests the update significantly boosts device performance, offering smooth navigation and improved responsiveness. The update mitigates potential heating issues observed in earlier versions.


Battery Health and Battery Life

As far as battery health and battery life, let’s go ahead and take a look at the settings. We’ll go to battery. Battery health is normal, and if we go into that, you’ll see I have 138 cycles and I finally dropped to 99%. I was at 100% a day or two ago the last time I checked it for some of the videos. and that’s completely normal. It’s going to drop all batteries, deteriorate or sort of degrade overtime, and it’s completely normal. Some people were seeing this happen after about 125 cycles.

Even so, this is well within range 80% after 1000 cycles on the 15 Pro Max is what Apple says to expect on other phones, not the 15 series phones, you can expect 500 cycles down to 80%. as far as battery life over the past few days, well on 17.4 it actually seemed to get worse over time.

So you’ll see it starts to actually pick up with it and it just hasn’t been great. So only two hours and 57 minutes of screen active time, 3 hours and 30 minutes of screen idle time, and I used about 60 to 65% of my battery. Today I’ve had an hour and 44 minutes of screen active time, 3 hours and 45 minutes of screen idle time, and I’m down to 66%.

It always takes a few days to measure this as there’s processes that need to happen in the background, indexing and more, but after that we should be able to actually determine if battery has improved.


iOS 17.5 Beta 1 Release

Anticipated release of iOS 17.5 beta 1 may align with potential product launches, offering enhanced features and optimizations to further improve user experience. Potential release dates forecasted later in April or early May.

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