iOS 17.4 – 10 Important Features & Changes You MUST KNOW

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Apple has just released iOS 17.4, a pretty big update with some really important new features and changes coming to your iPhone once you update to this new iOS version. Now of course this iOS version is pretty cool. It has a lot of cool features.

but also some really important features that I think every iPhone user must know that they have on their device With the new iOS 17.4. now we get new emojis and we get a new widget on the home screen. These are pretty cool and all, but here are some of the most important new features and changes that you will get on your device with 17.4.

iOS 17.4 – 10 Important Features & Changes You MUST KNOW

App Store

first of all is one on the App Store. Now once you go to the App Store and you go to your account you will see something here called Purchase History. You could access this before, but you had to go to your settings and under your Apple ID and it was buried in your settings App probably most IOS users never knew about this, but now you will have it on your account on the App Store.

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It’s pretty easy to access it and if you just tap on it you will see the purchase history of everything basically that you have purchased with your Apple ID. They will see here everything that you have purchased, apps, subscriptions, books, everything that you have purchased with your apple ID and you will see them here you can search here name, price or order ID and then you will have here showing it says last 90 days paid.

You can just tap right there and you can choose a date range here It has some presets but of course you can also choose a custom date range. Then you will have the cost and you will have type as well so you can filter them based on maybe apps, music, videos, books or anything else you want. That way you can find anything that you have purchased with your Apple ID.


Now a really important feature is on iMessage as well. Now this is not a feature that you will see once you open the messages a on iOS 17.4, but it’s there. It is something called PQ3. Now PQ3 is the first messaging protocol to reach all three levels of security. Just put it on simple words. Your messages will be way more secure with the new iOS 17.4.

Virtual Card Number

Now here’s another really, really important feature coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4. You can now set virtual card numbers for your Apple Cash card. This means that you can now use Apple Cash. if Apple Pay is not available or is not accepted on any place because this will work the same as a debit or credit card.

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Now this is what you will see right here. You will have your card number, you will have the expiration date, your security code and the network as well and what’s really cool is that you can also request a new card number anytime you want because you will have this button right here. That allows you to request a new card number anytime you need it.

Apple Music From Music Recognition

Now here’s another really cool feature that Apple has added to the music app on IOS 17.4. This was also stated on Apples release notes for iOS 17.4. So you know your iPhone has the music recognition feature which was called Shazam before. Now it’s called Music recognition but basically with iOS 17.4.

all the songs that you have identified with the music recognition feature will now be added and synced to your Apple Music playlist and library, as well as Apple Music Classical. Of course, if you use it now you will be able to actually sing songs to Apple Music from music recognition.

of course, really important for a lot of iOS users is that now SIRI will be able to read and send messages in other languages other than English. Now for that to work, all you have to do is go to your Settings app and then go under Siri and search. You will find here Messaging go Siri.

This has been renamed of course. It used to be like Send Messages or something like that on iOS 17.3. But now you’re here and what you can do is tap on Add Language and Siri will be able to read you messages from any of these languages. In this list right here so you can see is a pretty decent list with a lot of languages.

A lot of languages that are widely spoken in the world. So you can just pick any language you want, it will download it to your device, and then Siri will be able to read messages that you get on that language.


Finally you can now use the word which is, instead of the Hey word, only the Siri word. You can use that if you speak French, German, Spanish as well. So that feature has now come to Spanish, French and German speakers, not just English.

So of course whether you do one or the other, you will be able to use it on those languages as well if you speak those languages and your iPhone is in those languages will be able to speak. That, and of course it will actually identify what you’re requesting while speaking one of these three new languages that Apple has added. You say the word, it will actually launch Siri.


Now, this feature right here will be really important for iPhone users that have the iPhone 15, but of course, hopefully it will come to other devices as well, because why not? It’s really simple, but it’s actually pretty useful if you go to the battery settings right here. You will have now a section called Battery health.

You can see it says normal right there, but if I TAP on it, it will give me a lot of details here regarding the battery health of my device. SO we have the state of the battery test normal right there, the maximum capacity and then we also have the cycle count right here, which shows you how many times your device has been charged and drained 100%.

In this case 157 times and its hows you the manufacturer date of the battery not the iPhone, the battery of the iPhone and then also the first use of your iphone’s battery.

Device Protection

As you probably know, with IOS 17.3 Apple has added a new feature called Stolen Device Protection that they made it even better with 17.4. What you can do now on IOS 17.4 is that you can choose to require the security delay always.

Before it used to be only on away from familiar locations, which means that when your iPhone is out of your house or maybe out of your office, it will require the delay. Now you can of course have that option, but you can also choose the always option, which means that the security delay, the one hour security delay, is always required.

Side Loading/ Game Streaming

Of course something really important, something we probably thought never would happen. Side loading will come to your device with iOS 17.4, but unfortunately only if you live inside the EU. The European Union has required Apple to do this and they have brought this feature with iOS 17.4. But again, maybe sometimes it will happen everywhere.

but for now it will happen just on EU, but also they’re bringing Game Streaming Services. The iOS on the App Store there will be game streaming services. This is also a new feature of IOS 17.4, which will be great. We have to wait and see what game streaming services will do with this basically feature, this opportunity that Apple has brought to them. But it should be really, really interesting.


Last but not least, we’re talking about transcriptions on the podcast app now. This is also really cool. It’s a great feature. Apple is making a lot of work here on the podcast app with every update on iOS 17 and it’s pretty cool. SO you can see right here if I tap play we have right here the transcription. We can enable it or disable it from here.

Now if you tap here or swipe Up it will go like on a full screen mode and then you will also have a search button where you can search for any of the words on that transcription and you can find basically anything you want and it will show you all the results and of course you have these arrows that allow it to move through the results as easy as that.

So that’s basically for this Article guys. These are ten of the most important new features and changes that you will get on your device with the new IOS 17.4.

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