iPhone 16 Pro Release Date and Price – Another NEW BUTTON Being Added.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. As soon as you clicked on this article, you’ll be telling me to keep quiet about all these iPhone 16 pro leaks and rumors because we just got the iPhone 15 model. But the thing is, we’ve already been told a lot for the iPhone 16 Pro models, including another new button.

Being added to next year’s lineup. I will tell you about all the details already known about it and at the same time, I will also give you the latest information about the iPhone 16 Pro release date and price. We just got the iPhone 15 Pro models and the iPhone 15 models and you’re already thinking about it.

iPhone 16 pro leaks and rumors. Apple has just started the iPhone 16 pro project. There can’t be any leaks as they have just started working on it. Well, you’re not entirely right there and I want to tell you why. So you can see here the leak of M5 chipset and A19 chipset. And if you know how your numbers work,

you’ll know that the A19 probably isn’t going to make it to the iPhone 17, let alone the iPhone 16. Then we have another leak about the new Vision Pro. We had reports as far back as 2019 and even before that that Apple was making an AR or VR headset.

So for the last time, I am going to say it this year and also for iPhone 16 pro leaks and rumors, Article. As you can see, the iPhone 16 has been in the works for years and Apple, as shown in these news articles that you’ve just seen here, worked on the products years before they even released them.



iPhone 16 Pro Release Date and Price – Another NEW BUTTON Being Added.



Another new button iPhone 16 Pro:


But moving forward this year with the iPhone 15 Pro models, we got the new action button as you can see here, and you can customize it to do a lot of different things. But what if I told you with the iPhone 16 Pro models we’re going to get another button again? We’re told that the iPhone 15 Pro models were expected to feature haptic buttons inside them.

What this essentially means, instead of physical buttons, is that when you click on them and you feel a real kind of click, they’ll actually be sort of a fake button and when you click on them, the haptic. The clicking sensation will be felt through out the phone. We’ve already seen this on the iPhone SE on the home button.

But for the iPhone 15, that shouldn’t have happened, and it looked like as you can see here, Apple is going to introduce it in the iPhone 16 models, from a report by Mark German but the strange thing is that we have another new report right here that says that additional Capture button, code name is going to be Project Nova.

According to this report, this is going to be the main selling point of the new button of the iPhone 16 Pro models. The new button will be placed on the same side as the power button, so not on the opposite side of where the volume rockers are now, there is the action button.

Then judging by the name, I think we can imagine what it’s going to do. It’s going to be something to do with photography and video recording. The main reason why we have to keep an eye on this league has to do with the iPhone 15 Pro models. As you can see here, we’ve got the action button and you can already set it to open your camera and take photos or record videos.

For me, I have my own personal thoughts about this new button being added on this side. iPhone, can’t see its points individually. Now we have the action button and you still have to change it for different settings to keep it on Do Not Disturb. You can change this in Camera options.

There’s a lot more you can do with shortcuts. But we have already found that third party software exists. Where we can do many things with action buttons. So instead of just a single tap, we can have a different function or three taps, like a double tap.

We can do another function again and then like this it becomes pointless to add this additional capture button because if we can already set the action button to do this, I don’t really understand it. But like I said, I think there’s more to the story with this button.

I think that’s going to get resolved as time goes on. And with that said, before I go any further, now is as good a time as ever to mention that none of the leaks and reports you see here are 100% proof that they will be true with the new iPhone.

Will go, I can only present to you what reports or information and renders that are there. Basically the renders that are being created here are based on the types of releases and reports that you are seeing there. So the final iPhone may not look like this. However, if you are still looking at this article, then you are as curious as I am to know what is being said about the next iPhone.



Release date iPhone 16 Pro:


Anyway, so with that latest report out of the way, let’s now talk about the release date. After that I want to also know about the iPhone 16 Pro model, hardware specifications. Now on to the release date, because it’s so early, we can’t completely predict the exact date when it will be for the iPhone 16 Ultra.

However, there is one thing we can be sure about, just like the iPhone 15 where we had a truly amazing event happening. Come September time, most likely it will be exactly the same with the iPhone 16 pro, as it was for the iPhone 14, 13 and twelve as well.

Typically all of these events happen around September time, unless something really big is happening in the world to prevent it from happening, just like what happened in 2020. COVID-19, but without it. Still generally speaking, Apple wants to hold its event around mid-September or earlier in mid-September time and then release its iPhone about ten days later.

A week later, in early September, you will be able to get your hands on the brand new iPhone 16 models. But of course, as we get closer to the actual release date, I’m sure more details will come as to the actual date of when this is going to happen. And of course I will let you know when the exact date will be.



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Price and Hardware Specifications iPhone 16 Pro:


Let’s now move on to the hardware specs of the iPhone 16 Pro model and also talk about the prices. So first up we have the iPhone 16 Pro and we’ve already been told that we’re probably going to get a 6.3-inch one. A new OLED display has been installed inside this iPhone.

This will also be 120Hz, We do not know at the stage of writing this article what the actual resolution will be for this model, but I am sure we will find out soon. Again, this will be the 8GB RAM and storage option this time on the Pro. Therefore Pro Max 256 gigabytes can be taken as the basis.

Storage, going up to two terabytes, this time we’re also going to get a brand new 18 Pro chipset, which will be made up of four efficiency cores, two performance cores in the CPU and then we’ll also get that six core GPU and ray tracing inside of that.

The body will again be a titanium body and I’m sure Apple will That will do a better job than what we got with the iPhone 15 models. And this will again be a triple camera setup. But we are told this time that the five times optical zoom that comes in the original iPhone 15 Pro max is going to be coming to the iPhone 16 Pro this time. And we will also get an updated LiDAR sensor.

I’ll be honest, the battery sizes are a bit uncertain right now, so they remain on the iPhone 15 for now. The range, 3274 milliamps, is what the battery size is, but this is probably going to increase. But this will obviously be updated as time progresses with leaks and rumors.

But the base model will be a 256 gigabyte model and this time it will come for $1,099. Then go to iPhone 16 Ultra. This will be a new 6.9-inch LED display, again with 120Hz Pro Motion. We don’t know already what the actual resolution of the display will be at this time, but expect 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, again going up to a two terabyte option, this time with the A18 Pro chipset inside it.

Again it’s going to be four efficiency cores, two performance cores, a six core GPU, and it’s going to have ray tracing as well and then obviously the body is going to be a titanium body.

Again, hopefully Apple will fix it a little better this time and then we will have a triple camera this time and this time too, the zoom can be increased. Ranging from five times to six times or even ten times optical zoom and the LiDAR sensor inside the iPhone 16 Ultra.

The battery size is actually still not fully confirmed at this time, so at the moment, it’s still keeping the maximum battery size of the iPhone 16 Pro at a 4,424 milliamp battery, but I’m sure it’s probably going to be that size.

Moving up and the base model, again a 256 gigabyte model, will come in at $1,299. So guys, that’s what we have, we’re still about eleven to ten months away or maybe even less, depending on when you’re reading on this article on the iPhone 16 pro launch. And there are definitely going to be lots of leaks and lots of new rumors to come. So if you want to get the latest information on that, make sure you.


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