Launched Yamaha FZS 125 TCS BS6 2023 Model | On Road Price Only ₹90,000.

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Yamaha FZS 125: Hello friends, Finally a very good news is coming from Yamaha. Yamaha Company is going to launch this bike in India with many changes, design, look in its Yamaha FZS 125CC. Yes friends, many new companies are bringing their bikes and Yamaha Company is also going to launch its new bike FZS. And many of you might be having questions that when will Yamaha FZS arrive, what is its update? So today in this article we are going to talk about Yamaha FZS 125 CC.




Launched Yamaha FZS 125 TCS BS6 2023 Model:






First of all, let’s talk about the reason, so friends, Yamaha currently does not have any 125CC vehicle and you all know. Friends, in India the highest sales figure is of 125 CC vehicles. While at the top, there is TVS Raider 125, Pulsar 125, Honda 125 etc. but Yamaha does not have any 125 CC bike. In such a situation, the bike FZS which will come with Version 2 in 125 CC and the price of such a vehicle will be kept by the brands at ₹ 1,00,000.


Showroom which is Bike Other Segment, their price of other bikes of 125 CC can also reach up to ₹ 1,00,000. Showroom Yamaha is also going to launch FZS with Version 2 for ₹ 1,00,000 which is no less than other bikes in terms of looks.




Powerfull Engine:


In Yamaha FZS 125CC, you will get 124.4CC Air Cool for stock engine. This bike will give you power up to 12 BHp and generate torque up to 11 Nm. Also, Brands will give you Single cylinder Five Speed ​​Gearbox in this vehicle. If you assume that this vehicle will give you 60 Plus mileage. The speed of this vehicle is going to be around 110. The fuel tank you will get in it can be up to 12 litres.




Colour Options and Features: 


In this bike you will get old color and premium graphics. This bike will come with four color options: Red, Black, White, Sky, rest of it you will get to see LED Headlight, LED Taillight and its indicator will be of Halogen. You will get digital meter console of the vehicle in which you will get to see orange or blue color display. In which you are going to get very basic features. You will find Yamaha’s logo on the tank of the bike. You will get very good graphics on Tank Flat.


You will get graphics on old theme. You will find Yamaha’s branding on the panels and sides of the vehicle and whatever is there, you will get only Self Start Brands in the vehicle because it will not start you. You will get the rest in the front. Tire of 100 section, at the back you will get tire of 120 to 130 section, which will be tubeless with 17 inch alloy wheel. In the front you will get Disc Brake, in the rear you will get Drum and this bike will come with ABS.






To make this bike better and different from other bikes, its design has also been kept quite unique due to which it is capable of behaving like a light and powerful bike. The light weight and sleek design of Yamaha FZS 125 CC makes it an attractive choice, making your journey unique.




Brand Launch: 


Talking about the launch of FZS 125 CC, brands can launch this vehicle. If you want to buy a 125cc premium bike in the initial months of 2024, then you guys can wait for this bike. Now, experience the budget Yamaha FZS 125 CC range and enjoy a reimagined ride!






The Yamaha FZS 125CC Bike is the epitome of a luxurious and safe bike ride for those on a budget. With its immense range, professional design and modern features, it makes every journey unique.




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Launched Yamaha FZS 125 TCS BS6 2023 Model | On Road Price Only ₹90,000 |

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