MAHINDRA NEW XUV2O0 LAUNCH DIWALI DHAMAKA, Affordable 6-Seater SUV from only ₹2.92 lakh, 37Kmpl mileage

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MAHINDRA NEW XUV2O0: The country’s cheapest car is about to be launched. India’s largest car company Mahindra Motors is now going to launch a new car. Its most affordable Mahindra New XUV 2O0, which the company will launch for Indian customers on the great occasion of this Diwali. The festival of Diwali is coming and Mahindra Motors has decided to launch a gift for all you Indian customers in the form of its new Mahindra New XUV2O0 car.




It is being said that this is the cheapest car from Mahindra till now. It is also going to happen that the company will launch Mahindra SUV with the name of MAHINDRA NEW XUV2O0. Recently the company has also trademarked this vehicle and you can see this vehicle in the showroom around Diwali next month. So if you also want to buy a new car, then this new XUV100 from Mahindra will prove to be a very affordable SUV option for you. Due to the low price of the car, you can estimate the starting price of the car to be ₹ 5,00,000 to ₹ 6,00,000.



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MAHINDRA NEW XUV2O0 Exterior Design and Features:


The vehicle will feature modern design, new interior features and an engine with excellent performance. This car is going to create a stir in the Indian Automobile Sector as soon as it is launched. If we talk about the design of the vehicle, then you will see the design of Mahindra’s compact SUV in a premium one cent. At the front, you get sporty project head lamp units, Mahindra chrome logo with daytime running lights, glossy black front grille and a sportier front look.

You will get triple LED connected DAY Light with chrome badging of Mahindra XUV. In the side profile, you get black fenders and alloy wheels ranging from 12 to 14, which make the overall profile looks of the vehicle quite premium and quite announced. In this vehicle, you will get Dual Color Option, Sporty Graphic.



MAHINDRA NEW XUV2O0 Interior Design and Features:

If the design of the car is so great, then the interior is also no less. You will get a 5×6 seater in the upcoming Mahindra New XUV200. The interior will be seen with adjustable seat options and premium quality leather seats. In this you will get excellent boot space, tremendous Operating Power Steering, dashboard with feel for MBL Lightning. In this, you get Mahindra’s big 15 inch infotainment setup loaded with 20 plus connected car features.


Apart from this, keeping in mind the AC with air purifier, Sunroof, sound system and safety, the interior of this vehicle is equipped with Two Camera, Four Parking Sensors, Ada CBD, Push Button Start Stop and many other new technology features. Which will make your journey safe. It will also give Mahindra five star safety rating.

Performance Wise, in Mahindra XUV100 you get the company’s highest performance petrol engine. In which you will get 150 HP power and 280 NM talk. This vehicle will be seen on Indian roads with 4×4 i.e. excellent Off Roading Modes which is going to be liked by every Indian customer while driving on the road. Also, due to Hybrid Mode, CNG can also be seen in the vehicle. Which was beyond the comfort of 35 to 40 MPL that this car is capable of giving on the roads.





This Diwali Season, if you also want to fulfill your dream of buying an SUV, then you can go towards this new SUV of Mahindra. If you want to buy a car and you like this new car, do not delay. Share this article with as many common people as possible, so that they can also see the features and design of this vehicle.



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