MAHINDRA XUV1OO Launch Diwali Dhamaka, 6-Seater SUV from only ₹2.31 Lakh, 37Kmpl Mileage.

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MAHINDRA XUV1OO: Hello friends, India’s largest car brand Mahindra Motors is ready to launch its new SUV car on the occasion of Diwali.  Yes, many new companies are bringing their vehicles and Mahindra Motors is also about to launch its vehicles. New Compact Micro SUV for Indian customers. We are talking about Mahindra Motors’ upcoming New XUV1OO.

Yes, this is a Micro Compact Car which will give you the feel of an SUV and all the fun of XUV in a low budget. Mahindra will launch this car recently on the grand occasion of Diwali. Every common man and Indian customer will be able to afford this car. So if you are also thinking of buying something like this, then this upcoming new XUV100 from Mahindra can prove to be the best option for you at a low price.




MAHINDRA XUV1OO Price, Exterior Design and Specifications:


The starting price of this vehicle can start from ₹ 5,00,000 and the company has prepared the vehicle on its newest generation platform.  In this you will get a compact SUV design with today’s latest technology, interior features and an engine with tremendous CNG performance which is going to be a great combination of mileage and power. You can see this car in the showroom next month. Talking about the design and specifications of the car, Mahindra has also given you a sporty design in this compact SUV.

Along with DRL in the front profile of the vehicle, you get a Muscular Front Look with Circular High beam Projector Units, Mahindra’s New [M] Logo and Integrated Fog Lamps. The side will come with badging of Connected LED Taillights. Also in the profile you get 12 to 13 inch Dual Ton Wheels.

In this vehicle, the overall profile of the vehicle has been made quite premium and excellent overall by using Dual Color Options Graphics and lots of Chrome.  The vehicle has been given the field of SUV and compactness as much as possible, which will give you the pleasure of SUV in the vehicle at a very low price. This car is going to create a stir as soon as it is launched in the Indian market.




MAHINDRA XUV1OO Interior Design: 


As wonderful as the design will be, the interior will also be equally amazing. You will not find any shortage of space in the upcoming Mahindra XUU100. The vehicle will be 5 to 6 seater with Adjustable Seat Options, New Operating Power Training, Air Purifier Connected AC, and Lightning Dashboard. Besides, you will get a 10 inch infotainment system in which you will be able to control 20 Plus Connected Car Features like Voice Command and Touch Screen.

Apart from this, this vehicle is fully equipped with new technology features and interior like Panoramic SunRoof, Automatic SeatBelts Reminder, 4 Airbags with special attention to safety, 360° Camera with 2 Cameras, Four Parking Sensor, Adas, Push Button Start Stop. going to stay Which makes your journey and your interior quite comfortable and premium.




MAHINDRA XUV1OO Performance and Engine:


Performance wise Mahindra leaves no stone unturned.  Therefore, in this vehicle too, Mahindra has given its Hybrid CNG Engine with new 1.9 Liter power and 180 HP power and 250 Newton Meter Torque.  Yes, this vehicle will have Petrol Engine which is capable of giving you 30 to 35 KMPL.

This car is also a great combination of mileage and power. You can also see OFF-Roading Modes in this vehicle. Which in the form of 2by2 will also be seen in the form of Four By Two. So if you are thinking of buying an SUV then wait for a few days, this new Mahindra XUV1OO coming on the occasion of Diwali can prove to be the best family car and an SUV option for all of you. That too at a very low price. MAHINDRA XUV1OO


Watching a Video MAHINDRA XUV1OO: MAHINDRA XUV1OO Launch Diwali Dhamaka, केवल ₹2.31 लाख से सस्ती 6-Seater SUV, 37Kmpl माईलेज।

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