Meet the 16 Tempters of Temptation Island in India.

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16 Tempters of Temptation Island in India : The world’s biggest love show Temptation Island is coming to India for the first time and hence people are coming to test their love. Four couples, some of whom have been in a relationship for 10 to 11 years and some have been in a relationship for only four months. In such a situation, anyone can be a tempter but who will attempt them? Let’s find out by knowing more about, that 16 Tempters. About this year’s Hot and Single Tempters. 



Meet the 16 Tempters of Temptation Island in India.


FIRST Tempters of Temptation Island Urvi Shetty:


So our first tempters are Urvi Shetty, 28 year old Urvi is from Mumbai and There is a model whom we also saw in MTV India Next Top Model. She is a pet lover and is especially known for her simplicity. In Temptation Island, she is looking for a boy who will give her some space along with love and also help her in getting out of her comfort zone. Nikita’s boyfriend Tayne liked her even more in the first impression.



SECOND Tempters of Temptation Island Jad Hadid:


Jad Hadid, Who would not know Jad after Bigg Boss OTT? Jad probably even though he’s 37 years old But the hottest one in the show is Tempter and The girls of all four couples are getting attracted to him and No one can deny that Zaid is a complete package for girls. Let me tell you that Jad is an international model and is a resident of Dubai.



Third Tempters of Temptation Island Jad Hadid:


Rajvi, Rajvi is 21 years old and is a resident of Surat. She is a fashion model and makeup artist by profession. Due to her good looks and accident in first impressions, she won many boys’ teams especially Mohak and Tayne’s.



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Fourth Tempters of Temptation Island Satyam Tyagi:


Satyam Tyagi। Satyam is 26 years old and is a lawyer in Delhi. But he wants to change his profession and become an actor. In Temptation Island they are looking for a mini full connection instead of just a time pass connection, With whom they can maintain a lifelong relationship. Now see how many girls he makes fall in love with his Law of Love.



Fifth Tempters of Temptation Island Mahima Seth: 


Mahima Seth, 23 year old Mahima Seth, influencer and YouTuber, is a resident of Delhi and Is a comedy content creator, Who has 4.5 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Mahima always stands out because of her cuteness and vibrant energy and Just because of this, it can be a bit difficult for comedian boys to stay away from them.



Sixth Tempters of Temptation Island Faiz Baloch:


Faiz Baloch, Faiz is 25 years old and hails from Mumbai and is a popular Instagram face, Has dated famous influencer Shifa for 4 years. But now they broke up. Faiz is a part of Team 07 and Mr. Faizu is also one of them. Faiz has almost 10 million subscribers on Instagram. She is an unfiltered desi wife and her special dance moves make her different from everyone else. Even professional dancer Nidhi was flattered by her first impression after seeing him. Look, now whose connections are being broken in the show.



Seventh Tempters of Temptation Island Neha Dinesh:


Neha Dinesh Anand 32 year old Neha is a commercial pilot and For this reason, he is full of confidence. Whose first glimpse everyone has already seen. Neha comes from a film background which is clearly reflected in her personality. She also calls herself a film worm and Shahrukh Khan is looking for herself in Temptation Island, Who respects her exactly like Kajol.



Eight Tempters of Temptation Island SAMADH CHOUDHARY:


SAMADH CHOUDHARY, 30 year old Samadh, resident of Jammu, has a lot of talent. He has experience in Sales and Marketing. He is very passionate about arts. He also knows how to sing and plays the guitar in such a way that it is amazing and He is looking for a self-sufficient, independent and ambitious girl in Temptation Island who has full on positive vibes.



Nine Tempters of Temptation Island SHAGUN DAGGAR:


SHAGUN DAGGAR, Only 21 year old Shagun is a resident of Indore and has won many beauty pageants. Shagun was a little nervous in her first introduction round but Arjun liked this innocence of Shagun. Now, is Shagun able to tempt anyone at such a young age or not? Will get to know soon.



Nikhil Mehta: 


Nikhil Mehta, Girl Sila’s coming to remix the girls’ life. Music Producer and Dj, Nikhil Mehta 32 years old. He is a resident of Chandigarh and before becoming a DJ, he used to work in the banking sector. But because of his love for music, he changed his profession and kept his stage name Aerreo. What kind of girl does Nikhil want to make a connection with in Temptation Island, with whom he can see his future?



Ruma Sharma: 


Ruma Sharma, Ruma ji is also fondly called Ru by everyone. He is a famous social media influencer. He has 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Ruma is 28 years old and is very passionate in her life and her artistic approach sets her apart from other girls.



Aryan Arora: 


Aryan Arora, Aryan is an actor and national badminton player. Because of which Chetna related a lot to Aryan because she herself has been a national level badminton player. 25 year old Aryan, a resident of MP, has worked in popular serials like Chhoti Sardarni, Naagin and Chashni. He has come to the island to win the hearts of girls with his polite nature.



Navisha Raj Kashyap: 


Navisha Raj Kashyap, Navisha is 25 years old and belongs to Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Navisha has forced all the boys to think for themselves with her flirtatious nature. Navisha has come to Temptation Island to find a mature and sensitive boy who can take care of her emotions.



Zen Sajnani: 


Zen Sajnani, The 22 year old software engineer from Mumbai owns a software company and his very simple philosophy of life is Lift care free. Zen is known for his sense of humor and that is why he becomes the life of every party and is looking for just such a girl in the island. One who enjoys a fun life with them and does not ask them to change in any way.



Fifteen Tempters of Temptation Island Sharaddha Tiwari: 


Sharaddha Tiwari, 24 year old Sharaddha, resident of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, was a flight attendant. But now she has come to Temptation Island with the dream of becoming a heroine and to find the prince of her dreams. Arjun liked her in the very first impression and Shelza likes Bad Boys very much.



Sixteen Tempters of Temptation Island Vaibhav Gandhi AKA Jimmy: 


Vaibhav Gandhi AKA Jimmy, Vaibhav, a 23-year-old content creative, hails from Gurgaon and was an engineer before coming into this field. But now he is a famous YouTuber who has 663k subscribers on YouTube. Jimmy strongly believes in the power of love and he has come to Temptation Island to find this power.


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Watch Temptation Island in india: Meet the 16 Tempters of Temptation Island in India.

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