New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter Launched in India, Powerful Looks with Great Range.

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Gogoro Crossover GX250: Finally, such an electric scooter has arrived in the market which will not have the hassle of charging it again and again, All you have to do is find a swapping station and swap your battery from there and then you can travel with this electric scooter for as long as you want and this scooter is from Taiwan company whose name is Gogoro and the name of this scooter is Crossover GX250.


In this post, detailed information about electric Scooter, specification, range, performance, mileage, all the information is given.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter Launched in India.


Finally, the crossover GX250 electric scooter has been launched by Gogoro company in India. The Taiwanese company has made many updates to this electric scooter, what updates can be done will be told in this post.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Variants

New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter Launched in India, Powerful Looks with Great Range.
New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter Launched in India.


So, this is the new Gogoro crossover model. It comes in three variants, Crossover 250, Crossover S and Crossover 50. So the 250 as per their name includes a 2.5 kWh battery and 50 is again as its name suggests, it has a 5 Kilowatt battery and the top model S has a different motor which is liquid cool and it has the biggest battery options that is 6.4 and 7.2 Kilowatt battery.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Front Profile


So, first of all, if we talk about its front profile in the crossover GX250, then the chassis of this electric scooter is designed by Gogoro in such a way that it can carry a payload capacity of 200 kgs and This scooter has a big basket at the front in which you can keep a lot of stuff. LED headlamp setup is available at the bottom of the basket. The LED headlamp of the scooter is bright and quite beautiful and the headlamp is available in cylinder shape.



New Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Storage Space


Talking about the look and design of Gogoro crossover GX250, it is completely different from the normal electric scooter. Provides better space for the driver and co-passenger, Apart from this, it provides space to keep important items. The design has a total of 4 cargo spaces inside the E-Scooter including headlight, footrest, seat and rear cargo space where you can keep all the stuff you need at different places. Apart from this, if you need more space, you can fold the rear seat and use it as storage space.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Features


In this electric scooter you get all the modern technology features which give it a premium look. In this electric scooter, you get a large touchscreen infotainment display with which you can connect your mobile and view all the premium features like music player, GPS, map, notifications, and many more.


In this Gogoro Crossover GX250 electric scooter, you get a twin seat for better comfort and it also has big tires with alloy wheels and disc brakes. The company put good telescopic suspension in it and gave it a twin spring setup at the rear. This is a premium e-scooter in which you get all LED lights, push button start, three riding modes, cruise control, speaker, keyless entry and modern features.


In this Electric scooter, you get plenty of storage boxes for cargo and also 26 locking points in which you can keep a lot of your belongings. You can use this electric scooter for daily use as well as for your business, which will give you a lot of convenience. The company has not yet revealed its official launch date and price, but it is expected that it will hit the market in the coming one to two months.



Why is the Gogoro Crossover GX250 different? 

New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter Launched in India, Powerful Looks with Great Range.

There are some interesting things about Gogoro Crossover GX250 in its interface, on your birthday, on the day of happy birthday, it will play happy birthday Song for you and On every New Year it will play a New Year song which is very interesting. This is a technology which makes the connection between tech and human stronger and You know it is made in Maharashtra, it is made in India, it is a matter of pride.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Frame Strength


It doesn’t matter just how amazing the Gogoro Crossover GX250 Electric Scooter looks from the outside. Its strength, its frame, its strength also matter a lot. So its frame is known as the X-Frame and weight payload capacity of 200 Kg is quite good if compared with other electric scooters.


So, one number that matters a lot in India is the ground clearance because there are very deep potholes in India. So to avoid them, it has been given enough ground clearance which is 176mm and it has 14 inch wheels and this is Dual disc brake with CBS technology, i.e. combie breaking system.



New Gogoro Crossover GX250 Side Profile


Talking about the side profile of this electric scooter, the side profile of the scooter has a very unique design and its side is a bit computer type. It should feel that way because it has just been launched by Gogoro.

It is currently only for B2B, i.e. this scooter will be used for business to business purpose. Meaning, as you might have seen, there are Zomato, Swiggy and delivery boys, there will be some facility for them. Whatever be the response of this Electric Scooter in the coming time, only then will Gogoro finally launch it for the customers.


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