New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Leaks on the Upcoming Foldable Phone

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New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: This is a big update, Samsung might finally bring their long awaited upgrade with the Galaxy Z fold 6. Last time we saw the early design glimpse of the Galaxy Z fold 6 showing off a brand New Design.

A massive change indeed and well, that’s not the only change that Samsung has planned for the fold six this year. After using the same main camera for last two generations of fold, we could finally see a main camera upgrade with the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

According to a wild rumor on Twitter, Samsung is currently considering the same main camera sensor as the S24 Ultra, which is the 200 meso sensor for the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Camera

This is kind of insane because they have always kept the best camera only exclusive to their ultra flagship. So fold 6 with a 200 megapixel sensor could be a pretty insane upgrade.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Leaks on the Upcoming Foldable Phone
New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Again, take this rumor with a grain of salt because we just got another massive camera rumor for the fold 6. We have a new report from Galaxy Club saying that Samsung is working on a brand new 50 megapixel sensor for the fold 6.

The source further says that Samsung won’t be upgrading the ultra wide or the zoom sensor or even the front camera sensors on the outer screen as well as the under display sensor, pretty much focusing all their energy to the main camera upgrade for the fold 6.

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Honestly, whether we get 200 or 50 megapixel sensors, the main camera upgrade is almost certain to come with the fold six. Also in the news, Samsung might finally debut their brand new triple Fold tablet.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rival

Samsung has already shown off this tech multiple times at different events and it might actually be ready for 2024. Considering one of Samsung’s biggest rival, Huawei, is also planning to launch 10 inch triple folding tablet for 2024, Samsung might also do the same, or perhaps do it before Huawei and claim the world’s first title? Let me know what you think about this triple folding tablet design in the comments below.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Vision Pro

Samsung’s answer to Apple Vision Pro is almost here. According to the latest leak, Samsung could be launching their immersive XR headset at their next unpacked event. It was also revealed that Samsung made a secret organization called Immersive for the XR development last summer.

It’s basically a team of hundred top tier people at Samsung working on the XR development. Honestly, I’m very excited to see what Samsung brings to the table in comparison to the Apple Vision Pro with their Samsung XR headset.

So that’s all the latest news. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. What do you think about the big, long awaited camera upgrade coming with the Z fold 6.

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