OXYGEN OS 14 BETA 4 is LIVE with New Features.

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Today Oxygen OS 14 Beta 4 which was recently released for OnePlus 11. As always, we’ll be covering everything like general stability, battery backup, camera performance, etc. So now, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.



Oxygen Os 14 Beta 4 Update Release In One Plus 11 Device:


You have been using this device as since few days. I mean to say since Oxygen OS 14 beta 4 was released. As you can see this is beta version which is beta 4 and this was released few days back for OnePlus 11. Mostly tomorrow we might get to see the stable release of Oxygen OS 14 because in China they are releasing the Color OS stable build for OnePlus eleven tomorrow.

If not tomorrow, within a day or two we might get to see stable oxygen OS 14 builds for OnePlus 11 and I would say this build have slight issues compared to beta 3 which we’ll talk about them in the later part of the Article.



Bug Fixes Inside Oxygen Os 14 Beta 4 Update:

First we’ll be talk about other stuff like battery backup, camera. First let me show you the bugs which I have encountered on my OnePlus 11 after beta 4. As I said initially the previous build was quite stable compared to this build. There were few changes done in this build. Like for example, we have this bolder text in the status bar and this creates an issue.

So I have a screenshot of that. As you can see here, in some applications, if you see the status bar, the padding of the battery percentage is not proper. You can see the last digit missing and even if you close the screen, it appears the same way on the home screen. Also, I do have few other screenshots here. You can see in the WhatsApp also and even on the home screen.

So status bar padding requires bit of fixes and sometimes I’ve also noticed the home screen getting freezed if you come out from the application. I don’t have any kind of recording for that. But for example, if you are inside any application and then if you go to the home screen, the background or the wallpaper remains blur and you won’t be able to access the app drawer and other stuff.

You have to open the recent page and close all the applications to make your device work normally. This was the second issue and the third issue is layer to dark mode. So for example, if you enable dark mode and then you use the alert slider, the pill color remains gray color, it doesn’t turn into black color. So this is another issue which I have noticed on OnePlus 11 running beta 4.

Also, slight heating issues are seen while normally using the device. And here in Bangalore the temperature is quite low. It doesn’t go about 25 degrees, but still I get to see more heating issues on my OnePlus 11 after beta 4. So these were some of the bugs which I encountered.



Camera Segment In Oxygen Os 14 Beta 4 Update:

Now let’s talk about the camera segment. So personally I did not notice any kind of improvements with the camera segment, but I clicked a lot of pictures because I had gone out for trip.

And with no doubt, OnePlus Eleven camera is really great when it comes to video recording. Clicking pictures in good lighting condition, you get sharper details, accurate colors, and no distortion at all. But I really don’t understand why OnePlus added this five X zoom option.

The pictures are not that sharp if you use the five X lens in low light, pictures are also good. No issues at all. But one issue which I noticed on OnePlus Eleven after this build, like when you’re clicking pictures in low light, sometimes shutter responds too late.

I can understand because of the low lighting issues, but before it never used to delay so much like what I have been seeing on this latest build. Overall, skin tones, colors and other required details are pretty good even in indoor lighting. So no complaints here with the camera segment, but I hope OnePlus improves slightly in low light conditions.


OXYGEN OS 14 BETA 4 is LIVE with New Features.
OXYGEN OS 14 BETA 4 is LIVE with New Features.

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Battery Backup In Oxygen Os 14 Beta 4 Update:

So now let’s talk about the battery part. So on this build I did notice little bit of battery backup issues. Let me show you the Sots which I got after installing Beta 4. So here you can see with normal gaming, I just got 3 hours and 18 minutes of screen on time. Other than that, there was no heavy usage. So this is the second sOT where I got 5 hours and 42 minutes of screen on time again while using normal applications. Generally I used to get 6 hours plus sot on my OnePlus 11, on beta 3, and even on oxygen OS 13. So I feel battery backup is slightly degraded on this build.



Changes In Gaming Performance From Oxygen Os 14 Beta 4 Update:

Now at last, let’s talk about the performance part. So this is my primary phone and I do a lot of gaming. Mostly I play Battlegrounds Mobile India. As I said earlier, the device do heats up after this update. But one thing I would say gaming on Oxygen OS 14 is really improved. Now you can easily do 90 fps gaming until you keep your device cool. If your device heats up, the FPS drops down to 60.

There’s also a good thing what OnePlus have done now, the stock screen recorder which is present on Oxygen OS 14. That also allows you to record 90 fPS gameplay. But I don’t recommend you guys to record 90 fpS gameplay because it heats up your device a lot. And after doing gaming of five to ten minutes, the FPS will drop to 60 not even 60. I would say it won’t even give you constant 60.

Sometimes it drops to 40 because I tested out gaming with 90 fps and also I recorded the gameplay in 90 fps. Within just few minutes device temperature went above 40 and the FPS started to drop. Then I wasn’t even getting constant 60 fps, sometimes 40,50. So I don’t recommend you to record the gameplay in 90 fps though you can do that.

Overall gaming performance was good so guys this was all about Oxygen OS 14 beta 4. I personally feel this build is not that good if you compare it with beta three but let’s wait for stable release. Hopefully we might get to see a stable release by tomorrow so fingers crossed and let’s wait for the stable release of Oxygen Os 14.

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