Qargos F9 Electric Scooter: Carries 225L of Luggage and Ranges up to 150km

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Qargos F9 Electric Scooter: Carries 225L of Luggage and Ranges up to 150km Are you looking for an electric scooter that not only makes traveling easy but is also adept at carrying luggage? So the F9 scooter from India’s own company Qargos can be the perfect option for you. With a huge cargo space of 225 liters and a range of up to 150 km, the F9 is set to be a game-changer not only for commuters but also for small businesses and delivery services.

Let us know the features of this electric scooter in detail:

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Qargos F9 Electric Scooter Design

The design of the Qargos F9 is not only functional but also attractive. It has been provided with facilities like LED headlight, digital instrument cluster and comfortable seat. Safety has also been taken full care of in the scooter and it has features like disc brake and rearview mirror.


Qargos F9 Electric Scooter Battery and Motor

Talking about the motor and battery of Qargos F9 electric scooter, you get a 3.4 Kw motor which is connected to a massive battery pack of 6.1 kWh. This scooter is capable of giving a peak power output of 6 KW.

Qargos F9 Electric Scooter: carries 225L of Luggage and Ranges up to 150km
Qargos F9 Electric Scooter

Also, if we talk about the top speed available from this scooter, it is 80 KMPH. The scooter will give a claimed range of 150 Km on a single charge. So even if you are fond of high speed, this scooter will not disappoint you.

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Qargos F9 Electric Scooter Price in India and Launch Date

Talking about the launch date and price of Qargos F9 electric scooter, Qargos company has not yet revealed the launch date of its F9 electric scooter. However, if sources are to be believed, this scooter can be launched by the company only in the end of 2024 or beginning of the year 2025.

This scooter can be launched at an ex-showroom price of Rs 2 lakh. If you are looking for an electric scooter that is adept at carrying luggage and can cover long distances, then the Qargos F9 can be a great option for you.

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