Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter Launch| Price in Rs 1 lakh| Range 280Km|

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Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter: Hello friends, are you planning to buy a new electric scooter? So definitely read this article completely, because in the coming time on 30th October 2023, a big electric scooter is going to be launched by Rivot Motors, that is Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter. Will Rivot Motors’ Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter work like the Simple One?

Like Simple One has kept many customers on waiting and currently it is not giving delivery to anyone and many more things we are going to talk about in this article. LAST I will talk to you about the five positive points of this electric scooter, you will get a lot of information in this article, let’s talk about the first.



Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter कब तक Market में आएगी। 


Man, if I am right, should we wait for this or not? Like Simple One has angered many customers. The very first point is when will she start the delivery. This is very important. If any company starts delivery in the beginning, in their own state, within 2, 3 months or 4-5 months, then you can say that it is a good brand. From now on, if there are many new things in the new city can be seen in the state,

But day by day it is delaying and if your requirement of Electric Scooter is in a hurry then you may face a lot of problems. In the beginning, I would suggest you not to buy any electric scooter because the first 4-5 months are like testing mode. According to me, it is better to let the electric scooter run in the market till that time, because how is the service, how is the solution to its problem? Are you getting to face the problem?

How much range is available in real and are there any bugs? In this you get to see it in real and after everything changes in it, you can buy any electric scooter, then you have to keep these few points in mind. First point is clear whether you should take it or not.

Will Simple One work or not and then let’s talk about whether one should wait for an Electric Scooter or not? Would we find positive points in this?




Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter मे Battery: 


First of all, you are given a separate LFP battery in it. A lot of testing has been done on this. Like the problem is going on in LFP Battery right now. But this company has been working on LFP Battery for a long time. Many brands go to LFP Battery 5.7kwh first. But after seeing the problem they shift to NMC Battery. But they have said LFP, so let us see which battery etc. is available in which model.



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Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter की Range: 


Third Point: You will get to see the maximum range, meaning your requirement of range will be fulfilled. You can take low range, high range, medium range etc. He said that we are going to launch many models etc.




Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter की Price: 


So Next, you can get it in a very good price budget as the company is saying that the starting pricing will remain the same. This can be up to ₹ 1,00,000.




Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter Market Analysis: 


You will get a lot of new features. In Electric Scooter, you can call it New Generation Electric Scooter and lastly, the one you are going to get is Rivot NX 100 which is definitely going to create a stir in the market, because the company has done testing etc. for the last 2-3 years. After that, this Rivot NX 100 is going to create havoc in the electric scooter market.






Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter is an electric scooter with good range, features and performance. It is a bit expensive, but it is at par with other premium electric scooters in the market. If you are looking for a premium electric scooter with long range, then Rivot NX 100 is a good option.


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