Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra , Price, Release Date and Features.

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could make these sci-fi tech dreams a reality. Samsung’s next big flagship phone is shaping up to deliver some massive upgrades from camera to battery life and beyond. the Galaxy S24 Ultra to remain a contender for the best smartphone on the market, especially after such impressive showings from the iPhone 15 Pro series and the Google Pixel 8 Pro. The S24 ultrasound seriously impressive so far based on early rumors, but which changes, Release Date, Price have us most excited?



Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Release Date, Price and Features:



Release Date Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: 


So what’s the release date of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? We all know that the Samsung S24 Ultra predecessors was unveiled at very close dates every year. For example, the Galaxy S22 has been unveiled on February 25th, 2022 and the Galaxy S23 was unveiled on February 1st, 2023. Now Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the first quarter of 2024 at one of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked events.

Typically Samsung’s event takes place in February, with products becoming available to pre-order the day of and ready to purchase roughly two full weeks later. However, recent reports indicate that the South Korean tech Wizards are pushing for an earlier showcase in the face of middling sales of its Z Series foldables, not to mention the launch of the Pixel 8 and iPhone 15.

According to Twitter tech tipster revenues, we can expect Samsung to take to the stage at some point in early January. This is further backed up by similarly reliable leaker and cat avatar donning Ice Universe, who claims that Samsung’s flagship device will likely make it to store shelves around January 18th, 2024. All that can be concluded is that the next phone from Samsung will see the light in the mid of January, between the 10th and 20th of January 2024 and it will hit the stores in the 1st of February between the 1st and the 5th of the February 2024.




10 Big Features of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra:



Blazing fast processor:


Blazing fast processor The S 24 Ultra is rumored to feature either Qualcomm upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip or Samsung own Exynos 2400 processor depending on region. Both are expected to use advanced 4 nanometers manufacturing for improved efficiency and performance. They will likely utilize Arm’s new Cortex X3 CPU core design, offering significant gains over the X2 cores in current chips.

GPU is also expected to get a major bump, potentially around 50% faster graphics With the chipset pushing CPU speeds over 3 GHz and more memory bandwidth. The S 24 Ultra will feel lightning quick at all tasks, from launching apps instantly to sustaining high frame rates in games. It should set a new standard for phone speed when it arrives.



Massive camera Hardware Improvements:


The Galaxy S24 ultra camera system is poised for major hardware upgrades according to leaks. The main 200 MP sensor is rumored to grow in size to capture more light and detail, but the biggest change will likely be a new five times telephoto camera using a 50 MP sensor, replacing the S23 ultras, 10 MP 10 times Periscope combined with updated software processing, this will massively boost optical zoom quality.

A dual telephoto setup with three to 10 times variable optical zoom is also rumored with these sensor and lens enhancements, the S24 Ultra will elevate zoom and low light photography to new levels. The improved hardware combined with Samsung’s excellent image processing will make the S24 Ultra one of the most versatile camera phones available.



Display Brightness Boost:


The S24 Ultra 6.8 inch QHD plus Dynamic Amoled display will get a sizeable brightness boost according to Leaks. Samsung is said to be aiming for a peak brightness of 2500 Nets. Versus just 1750 nits in the S23 Ultra. For context, 2500 nits is comparable to what a high-end QLED TV can produce. This will lead to vastly improved HDR, making supported content really pop.

The brighter panel will also be far easier to view outdoors in direct sunlight when set to Max manual brightness. Higher brightness makes colors appear more vivid and lifelike to the human eye if the rumor holds true. The S24 Ultra display will offer an eye-catching viewing experience. Living up to Samsung’s display reputation.



Sleeker Titanium Frame:


Rumors indicate that Samsung will replace the aluminum side frame on the S 24 Ultra with more premium titanium. Titanium offers increased hardness and durability versus aluminum, giving the phone a more luxurious feel in the hand. But it’s also lighter than aluminum, so the S24 Ultra may slim down ever so slightly compared to its predecessor. The new titanium frame will complement the front and back Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on the S24 Ultra for a sleek yet resilient exterior. While still recognizably a Galaxy S series phone, the titanium trim will help the S24 Ultra stand out from its siblings and past generations. It’s a small touch that contributes to a more polished, high end aesthetic.



Faster 65 watts Charging speeds:


One Consistent request from Samsung fans is faster charging, and the S24 Ultra is rumored to deliver just that with 65 Watt speeds. That’s a sizeable increase from the 45 watts charging of the S23 series. 65 watts should allow the S24 Ultras battery to go from zero to 50% charge in just under 30 minutes. Based on comparable phones, while not as blazing fast as the 100 watts plus charging of some competitors, 65 watts will still provide a great balance of safety and speed.

It’s fast enough to juice up during a lunch break without excess heat or battery wear concerns considering how quickly phone batteries drain with heavy use like gaming or navigation, faster charging is a practical upgrade to keep the S24 Ultra powered up ON THE GO.



Ram Upgrade:


Memory up to 16 Gb RAM While 8Gb of RAM is plenty for most users, power users will appreciate rumors that the S 24 Ultra may offer configurations with a massive 16Gb of RAM that double the current maximum of 12Gb in the S23 Ultra. More RAM reduces app reloading and allows for extensive multitasking. It also provides lots of overhead for keeping dozens of browser tabs open.

For mobile gamers, the extra memory enables smooth play even for very demanding titles and for professionals editing high Resolution photos or video on the device. The RAM upgrade is great for stability and performance with large files, even as apps become more optimized over time. Having gobs of fast LPDDR5 RAM Future proofs The S24 to simply handle whatever users throw at it.



Emergency satellite connectivity:


Satellite connectivity is one rumored feature that would make the S24 Ultra more capable in emergency scenarios like the iPhone 14. The S24 Ultra is said to potentially gain the ability to connect to satellites when outside of cellular range. Users could then send basic SMS messages to emergency services or contacts when in remote areas lacking service.

Satellite access opens up Backcountry travel or off grid use cases by giving you that lifeline in case of emergency. Beyond emergency use, satellite messaging could theoretically work for simple communication when camping or hiking, though bandwidth limitations will restrict it to text only apps. While niche, satellite access would still give the S24 Ultra unique capability unmatched by other Android flagships.



Enhanced Vapor Chamber Cooling:


To sustain the best possible performance from its cutting edge chipset, the S24 Ultra will likely employ an upgraded internal cooling system. Vapor Chamber cooling could see improvements to increase heat dissipation from the processor and battery. This would allow the S 24 Ultra to run at peak speeds for longer durations. Without succumbing to thermal throttling. Efficient cooling translates directly to smoother gaming with higher sustained frame rates.

It can also benefit multi-core driven tasks like video editing or 3D rendering that lean heavily on the CPU and GPU. For typical day-to-day use, an enhanced cooling system may seem overkill. But for Galaxy Power users, it will help the S 24 Ultra reach its performance potential. Along with the software side optimization Samsung is known for, advanced vapor chamber cooling will be crucial to delivering the S 24 Ultras blazing spee.



Larger battery capacity:


While the 5000mah hour battery in the S23 Ultra already provides excellent battery life, Samsung may squeeze in even more capacity for the S24 Ultra. Rumors point to a new stacked battery design that increases energy density for the same physical size. Combined with a more efficient new chipset, Samsung could boost typical battery life by around 10%, equating to roughly an extra 1 to 2 hours of average use. That’s impressive considering how power hungry upcoming silicon and displays are expected to be.

The S24 Ultra will need to balance that with efficiency gains and a larger packed in battery for travelers, hikers, or even just busy professionals. Any battery life gains are always appreciated and with faster charging rumored as well, the S24 Ultra is shaping up to be a productivity and entertainment powerhouse.



Improved S Pen Integration:


As the only premium phone lineup with built in stylus support. The Galaxy S Ultra models cater nicely to artists, note takers, and productivity focused users, while the S Pen sees iterative improvements each generation. Rumors suggest the S 24 Ultra’s S Pen may get more substantial upgrades. That could include new Bluetooth powered Air gestures for quick remote control of apps or the camera shutter. Tighter software integration for lower latency and improved palm rejection is also likely, making writing and drawing feel more natural and updated apps tailored to the S Pen like Samsung Notes and Pen Up.

May add helpful new creative features or better handwriting and gesture recognition. Both the stylus hardware and S Pen focus software could see meaningful improvements to deliver the best digital pen experience yet on the S 24 Ultra. Those are the biggest changes slated for the Galaxy S24 Ultra based on the rumors so far. Faster charging, a brighter screen and satellite connectivity have us especially excited. Of course, specs aren’t everything, will have to go hands on to see how well Samsung executes on these upgrades, but on paper, the S24 Ultra is shaping up to be a worthy successor with some seriously drool worthy features.


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