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So whether Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will be really expensive or not, we will know in this article. Qualcomm plans to make the production of the next generation flagship Snapdragon more expensive. It could mean a significant increase in the price of these smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphone brands.

The price of the flagship phones is gradually increasing. Even if Apple or Samsung drops prices from the time to time, the situation will not improve significantly.





What can be the price of Flagship in the coming time? 


After all, only a few years ago the flagship was released for less than 870 U.S. dollars. Now we are mostly above the 1300 U.S. dollars mark. The Pro, Ultra, Pro plus and other models which are not available in earlier times contributed to this and then there are also increased Expenses for the production of smartphones including more expensive components and higher deposit for electricity, which practically everyone of you has to deal with the server SAMMOBILE now mentions the speculation which is supposed to be related to the future prices of key components such as processors and chipsets.


The American company Qualcomm, a first class manufacturer of smartphones, processors, 5G modems and other components for mobile smartphones, is planning to raise prices quite a bit. Panel discussion during the recent Hawaii unveiling of the Snapdragon 8 gen3 flagship chipset, Revealed that Qualcomm is investing heavily in the innovation of its technologies. Qualcomm vice president Chris Patrick told Media Welcome that the price of the next generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 can be expected to increase significantly. Expect to increase the cost of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor as the company strives to achieve stunning levels of the performance.



Would you or wouldn’t you pay more for the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra? 


It is logical that with higher prices, the cost of the final products that contain these more expensive components must logically rise as well. It can thus be expected that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S25 model series will increase and the premium model Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be sold for more than 1199 U.S Dollar. Even more alarming could be the increase in the price of the phone from the Samsung Galaxy Z4 lineup. It is currently sold for 1900 U.S dollars and increase in the price to 2170 U.S dollars and more cannot be ruled out. It is expected that the new Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra lineup will officially launch early 2025.



New features and changes in SAMSUNG Galaxy s24 Ultra: 


Today you have a lot of new information about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, including an official confirmation of a potential life saving feature. But before we dive into that, let’s kick things off by discussing a nifty feature on the Galaxy S24 lineup that fully capitalizes on the upcoming brighter and enhanced HDR displays these devices Will Rock. you see, the current Samsung flagship phones can capture HDR photos and videos, no doubt about that.

But here’s the catch. When you’re all excited to watch them in your photo album, they just play in plain old SDR mode, not looking awesome as they should. The iPhones, interestingly enough, don’t do this. They give you the full HDR experience in their Photos app.



A good news Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:


Good news is Samsung is stepping up their game by bringing this feature to the Galaxy S 24 lineup with one UI 6.1. That means you can enjoy HDR content right in your Gallery app, and with those new phones rumored to support super bright screens cranking up to 2500 Neits. This edition is bound to make the experience even better. Now the HDR feature on the Galaxy S24 is poised to outshine the one found in iPhones. When you share HDR photos and videos from an iPhone to non Apple devices like Windows PCs or Android phones, you’re out of luck if you want to view the content in HDR format on those devices.

But with the S24, that’s a non issue. It doesn’t matter which device you send those photos and videos to, it will showcase the content in hardware format as long as you’re equipped with an hardware display. Oh, and by the way, the Pixel 8 also boasts this feature. There’s even a possibility that Samsung might extend this capability to some of its existing Samsung phones with the upcoming One UI 6.1.

Now here’s the cell twig that Samsung has in store for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The speaker grill will be a long rectangular strip and won’t have the pill-shaped holes that are seen on turned Galaxy flagships. The last time we saw this design was on the S 9. It’s a minor change that won’t have an impact on how the speakers actually sound.



New Satellite Features:


Moving on, there’s been a long standing rumor that Samsung was gearing up to equip their phones with satellite communication capabilities. The S23 was rumored to get it, but that didn’t happen. We also heard whispers that this feature might finally make its debut with the S24 lineup, but there wasn’t any solid evidence to back that up. Well, that changed today as the president of Samsung LSI confirmed officially that Galaxy phones will indeed support satellite services starting next year and if you’re reading between the lines, it’s a not so subtle nod to the upcoming Galaxy S24 series expected to hit the scene in January 2024.

Like the iPhones, the satellite feature on the S 24 is going to be a step ahead offering two way communication. It’s not just for SOS applications like the iPhones, not regarding the Unpacked event for the S 24 Ultra. Nice Universe has the scope that Samsung is planning to keep it in mid to late January, and you can expect the phones to hit the shelves approximately 2 weeks after the event.



Release Date Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra: 


So what’s the release date of the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra? We all know that the Samsung S24 Ultra predecessors was unveiled at very close dates every year. For example, the Galaxy S22 has been unveiled on February 25th, 2022 and the Galaxy S23 was unveiled on February 1st, 2023. Now Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the first quarter of 2024 at one of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked events. Typically Samsung’s event takes place in February, with products becoming available to pre-order the day of and ready to purchase roughly two full weeks later.

However, recent reports indicate that the South Korean tech Wizards are pushing for an earlier showcase in the face of middling sales of its Z Series foldables, not to mention the launch of the Pixel 8 and iPhone 15.

According to Twitter tech tipster revenues, we can expect Samsung to take to the stage at some point in early January. This is further backed up by similarly reliable leaker and cat avatar donning Ice Universe, who claims that Samsung’s flagship device will likely make it to store shelves around January 18th, 2024. All that can be concluded is that the next phone from Samsung will see the light in the mid of January, between the 10th and 20th of January 2024 and it will hit the stores in the 1st of February between the 1st and the 5th of the February 2024.


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