The Archies Trailer Reaction: SRK Reacts to Daughter Suhana New Movie.

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SRk’s daughter’s movie The Archies Trailer Reaction. So when it comes to student based, be it a film or a web series. Youngsters are very excited for that because they have come from school life to college, university life, So they like to watch web series and movies which are related to that. Recently the official trailer of a film was released whose name is The Archies. Now the guys trailer looks quite interesting to watch.

I mean, what do you want in a film? You want amazing acting, amazing storyline, amazing emotions, love romance. You will get to see everything inside it. Anyway, it is Zoya Akhtar’s film and It is written somewhere that it should not contain all these things.



The Archies Trailer Reaction: SRK Reacts to Daughter Suhana New Movie.

First of all we will talk about the trailer and who has directed this movie, Who are the Actors and Actresses in this Movie? And what does it relate to? And what was the reaction of Last Srk?



The Archies Trailer Reaction: What’s inside the movie. 


Super famous comic book Archies, whose film had a lot of buzz for a long time and why is there no buzz? After all, Zoya Akhtar has directed it, so finally its trailer has now been released. People looking have being Looking Forward To Archies If you don’t know for another reason, then that reason is that three star kids are going to debut with this film. First is Suhana Khan, Second is Khushi Kapoor and Third is Agastya Nanda.

So finally the trailer of Archies has been released. and it has young and very Hollywood Type level. So let me tell you what we got to see in this small trailer. Till now the film’s poster, teaser and some songs were liked by a lot of people. Good response has also been received and since it is Zoya Akhtar’s film, it was much more than Hope Starting.



The Archies Trailer Reaction: History of this movie. 

Now let’s talk about this trailer, this trailer transports you to the 16th century, Does it completely. Where the look of all the characters, their clothes, their hair styles are exactly from the same time. That’s why reality seems so much more to you. An attempt has also been made in the trailer to show some love triangle between Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda. A little hint has definitely been given.

All the same fun and friendship between friends and when an industrialist comes into this scene, that is, basically an industrialist comes into this scene and Some big changes start happening in Green park, Due to which there is a huge impact on everyone’s friendship and cracks start appearing. So all this has also been shown. In this short trailer, there is a lot of focus on Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda in this trailer.

He is also looking honestly good in his role. If we talk about Suhana Khan, she is definitely looking hot in the trailer but we cannot comment much on her character from the trailer. Because currently there are not many scenes in the trailer. If we talk about the rest of the cast, they also seem to have a lot of provisioning. Just some time ago, Netflix has released its trailer and has also shared it with the entire Archies team and till now it is getting a very good response.

The rest of the film will be released on 7th December on Netflix i.e. OTT platform Netflix, just like some Last projects have been brought specially on Netflix. If we talk about any series or any film, it definitely feels like that Archies is not going to disappoint us, and it has been Dream Project for Zoya Akhtar as well And if we talk about Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda here, then it is no less than an initial test for them too.

Well Honesty Speaking Like the Trailer The way it has been made looks great.

The Archies Trailer Reaction.

The Archies Trailer Reaction: SRK Reacts to Daughter Suhana New Movie.
The Archies Trailer Reaction: SRK Reacts to Daughter Suhana New Movie.


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What SRK gave to The Archies Trailer Reaction:


Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter’s movie The Archies Trailer Reaction what was theirs, But what did you tweet that “The Archies” Movie became so famous,

((A contemporary subject with timeless characters #TheArchies… thrown into a world that is very fable like. Zoya has created such an innocent and pristine quality to the film….maybe just like our world could be with a more responsible outlook towards the environment. All the best to the entire team involved with this sweet and meaningful fun film!)) This was his The Archies trailer reaction.



The Archies Trailer Reaction: Netflix Promotion. 

Talking about all the characters of The Archies Movie, unfortunately in this entire trailer, the first thing was told about the story. Apart from this, if we talk about its scale, this is what the people of Netflix India have said that they did not care about money at all and wanted to make this film not just good but much better. Due to which some songs may turn out to be good and some actors may also turn out to be talented.

But seeing Jhanvi Kapoor’s sister Khushi Kapoor in a special way, one wonders why she is acting? But well now he is in this project. Selected by Zoya Akhtar who has definitely created this type of content for that audience. Those who want to watch such top level content by taking subscription of Netflix and there are many such audiences even at the international level. Those who would like to watch this type of content from India would probably like it because Netflix will provide it to them.

That’s why you get to hear its praises in its promotion. It came out from there. In which for now you will get to see the shop of positivity on every Creator’s channel, Seeing this, I feel that you should be more confused because after the release of the content, all the things are actually real It will come out. So for now, after seeing the trailer, I would say that it has very average content.

Don’t know why it has been made focusing on India, That too in a rich world which does not exist in this world.


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The Archies Trailer Reaction: SRK Reacts to Daughter Suhana New Movie.


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