Tiger 3 Breaks BookMyShow Record, Beats Pathaan & Jawan!

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Tiger 3 Breaks BookMyShow Record: Today is 1st November, this month of 1st November is going to be so big for Tigers fans but also for the whole of India except Tiger fans and Salman Khan’s film Tiger 3 will be released in theaters in just 11 days. Days left.

So what is happening 11 Days Before? How far has Advance Booking reached? How far has Book My Show Interest reached? How far did the promotion reach and the most special thing is that as soon as the morning of 1st November started, a big update has come from the USA and after this update, how big a benefit the Tiger 3 film is going to get. I am going to tell you everything.



Tiger 3 Breaks BookMyShow Record, Beats Pathaan & Jawan!



Advanced Booking Report: 


Many updates are coming out regarding Tiger 3 film. First update regarding Advance Booking. So till now, Advance Booking of $40,000 Dollars in UK and Ireland is ₹33,00,000 Rupees, Advance Booking of $33,000 Dollars in UAE, Almost ₹27,00,000 Rupees, Advance Booking of Saudi Arabia $7000 Dollars 5.8 Lakh, Oman Advance Booking of $3000 Dollars ₹ of 2.5 Lakh Rupees, Oceania $22,000 Dollars Advance Booking ₹ 18,00,000 Rupees, and Now Advance Booking of USA $60,000 Dollars Almost ₹ 50,00,000 Rupees Now you are thinking that how can there be so much Advance Booking in USA because there is Full Day Premiere of Tiger 3 in USA and also Tiger 3 film will be released very soon, which means see overall.

If we go, Tiger 3 movie will be released on 12th November but in USA it will have full day release on Premiere on 11th November. It is very rare that any film gets a full day premiere, otherwise you might have heard or even seen that there are many big Bollywood movies or big South movies, which have their premiere inside the USA. Get it, but not full day.




Tiger 3 Movie Breaks BookmyShow Record:


Now that’s all about Advance Booking, now let’s talk about Book my Show, so far when we looked at Book my Show interest on the morning of 1st November, there were 2,90,000 lakh Book my Show interests.

Meaning 3,00,000 will have been reached when you see. After this, if I tell you Top Five Bollywood Movies, their Book my Show Interest, then No. 1 Jawan at  is 7,30,000 Book my Show Interest, Pathan 7,20,000 Book my Show Interest, Brahmastra 4,30,000 Book my Show Interest, Gadar 2 3,36,000 Book my Show Interest, Shamshera 3,30,000, interest. Now you guys tell me if Jawan is Rs 7,30,000 then can Tiger 3 do it? My personal belief is that Tiger 3 can generate One Million Book my Show interest and as the release date of the film comes closer, the book my show interest increases rapidly.



Tiger 3 Movie:


Salman Khan’s much-anticipated Bollywood movie, Tiger 3, is all set to hit screens on November 12, and fans are super excited. The release of its trailer and teasers has left everyone buzzing about the film. Notably, Emraan Hashmi’s portrayal as the antagonist has added a new level of interest and excitement. Fans are eagerly awaiting the face-off between Salman and Emraan on screen.


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Tiger 3 Breaks BookMyShow Record, Beats Pathaan & Jawan!

Tiger 3 Breaks BookMyShow Record, Beats Pathaan & Jawan!

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