Top 5 Best Super Unique Concept Movie in this World.

Friends, during this article I am going to share some such movies with you. Inside which you will get to see a Super Unique Concept. A Wonderful story will also be seen. A story that will make you think the whole time and With a new concept, your imagination will be taken to an even greater scale. So this is the first movie in this Super Unique Concept Movie.



5 Best Super Unique Concept Movie. 



Coma (2019):


The name of today’s first movie is Coma and this movie was released in 2019. There is a guy named Victor in this movie. It meets with a mysterious accident. Due to which the guy goes into coma. After going into coma, brother gets him connected to a machine that has a brain goes inside a different world. When he opens his eyes, he is in a different world and that world is like this. Like you might have seen in Doctor Strange, but in this movie that thing goes to the next level.

There are many other people in this movie besides Victor. which are connected within this world and There are some creatures inside the rest of the world too. who want to kill those people So Victor teams up with the others and faces off against the creatures.

You will have to watch this movie to know what happens to these people. When you watch this movie, you will definitely appreciate the VFX of this movie because the VFX work in the movie is amazing. If you like watching movies based on fantasy world, you will like this movie very much. Not only for fantasy people, if you are a fan of action then you will get to see amazing action in that movie.

Multiple times you will get to see the action and that too is not a normal melee. It has been shot very creatively, so definitely try this movie. If you have not seen it yet, you will get to watch this movie on Prime Video.



I Origins (2014) :


Now the name of the next movie is I Origins and this movie is from 2014 and this movie is a mystery best romantic movie. What happens inside it? A scientist is a person, which is of great interest to the eyes. Knowing about eyes, learning about eyes is his complete passion. His life is going on. He gets married to a girl.

A son is born to him. After the son is born, his retina scan is done. Here comes the interesting thing, brother, about the son who gets retina scan. Makes a match with a guy. I mean, I am not matching with any child, brother, I am matching with a very good old man and the one who is his father, Those who are scientists get very shocked. Because he has been reading about eyes for so many years, he comes to know that when retinas of two people do not match, he too gets surprised. How is it possible that the retina scan of his son matches the real person?

Which already exists, so this guy keeps trying to find out inside this movie what is the issue, How could his son’s eyes match anyone else’s? So where does this journey take him? Tried to find out how? Or found out? Then he is unable to do so and then gives up. To know all this you will have to watch this movie. Now let’s talk about the uniqueness of this movie. So at the end of this movie, when it tries to deliver the message to you, it is very deep. The message at the end is quite unique. Because of which I will definitely recommend you to watch this movie.




Lobster (2015):

So the name of the next movie is the Lobster. This movie was released in 2015. Seriously, I am telling you that the idea of ​​this movie is very unique. The story of this movie is somewhat set in the future. Wherever you remain single, it is considered a sin. Even if your partner leaves you or your partner dies, you will have to find another partner as soon as possible.

Meaning brother, we get about 45 days time and If you are unable to find your partner within 45 days, you will be transformed into an animal of your choice. So this is what happens with the character named David in this movie. Who has become lonely recently, becomes single So in this movie there is a hotel inside which all the single people go. To find his companionship, David also goes there and tries to find his partner. Either he gets a partner or he doesn’t. To know how his story progresses, you will have to watch this movie. So this movie seriously explores a super unique concept.



District 9 (2009):

So the name of the next movie is District 9 and this movie was released in 2009 and the concept of this movie is also very interesting to some extent. You will also get good action and thrill in this movie. Were talking about the story of this movie.

There is an unknown spaceship, which comes to our planet and When that spaceship opens and a species comes out from inside and Interestingly, they become comfortable in living with humans. Man invites him to live on our planet and Those people are creating districts on our planet. Which is named District 9, basically it is a completely empty area. His entire spaceship is fitted inside it. Now, wherever those people have come from, they have brought many weapons etc., and many other things and They have interest in many things related to humans, so they start living here with humans.

By eating and drinking with them, everyone starts living as if we have been living with humans for a long time. But then it is obvious that if there is no twist in the movie, then how will the movie be made? So some twist or the other keeps coming in the movie due to which something like this happens with their species. They do something with humans. I won’t go into too much detail because what else will you see in the movie? So definitely watch the movie, it is a very interesting movie.



The Lake House (2006):

So the name of the next movie is The Lake House. This hope came in 2006. What happens inside this movie? There is a girl named Kate who is living inside a lake house. But due to some reason he has to leave that lake house. But before leaving, she writes a letter and puts it in the mail box. That if anyone here comes a package or any letter etc So it should be sent to the new address. Then after a few days the owner of the lake house comes to live there. Checks Mailbox, he finds a letter inside the mailbox. Now we will listen to something interesting.

Only a few things are written about that house in his letter. Like the footprints of dogs, they visit the house. He is not seen at all in the footprints of dogs. So he ignores that letter. But after a few days, his own dog makes footprints there. Now from here the story starts getting interesting। Because what was written in that letter about the footprints, how does he tell her that that is going to happen.

Now the boy also starts getting confused as to what is going on. How does he know what is going to happen to him inside? So this guy also writes letters inside that mailbox and start a conversation between them, in this way the love between them starts increasing.

Now how does the story of these two progress after this? What is the issue between the two? It is a very well written movie and will keep you hooked for romantic reasons. You will also get to experience good emotions inside the movie. What I am saying about this movie is that you won’t get a chance to get bored at all. So if you are also going to watch a movie, then you will get to watch this movie privately.

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