Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV a 318 Km Range on a Single Charge

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Vioma Thunderbolt: A Modern Electric Scooter with a Retro Look A new name is going to join the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market soon – Vioma. The company is all set to launch its first electric scooter, Vioma Thunderbolt, Which is making headlines not only for its retro styling but also for its powerful long range. Let us know the features and specifications of Vioma Thunderbolt in detail:

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A fusion of modern technology with retro design

Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV
Comfortable Seat in Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt EV

Vioma Thunderbolt has been introduced in the market with an attractive retro design, which reminds you of classic scooters. In this we get to see design features like round headlamps, curvaceous body panel and a comfortable seat. However, despite having a retro look, the Vioma Thunderbolt is packed with modern technology. It is likely to have a fully digital instrument cluster and LED lighting.

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Amazing Range of 318 kmUpcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV

The biggest feature of Vioma Thunderbolt is its impressive range. The company claims that this scooter can run up to 318 km on a single charge. If this range proves to be correct then it can give a tough competition to other electric scooters present in the market.


Regenerative Braking and Suspension Technology

Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV
Retro Stylish Front View

Some special technologies have been used to increase the Vioma Thunderbolt range. It has a regenerative braking system, Which charges the energy back into the battery when the brakes are applied. Additionally, the company claims that it also has a unique suspension technology, which will keep charging the battery even when the suspension moves up and down.

This technology is generally seen in luxury cars, and if used in a two-wheeler then it would make the Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV quite special.


Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Top speed and battery details

Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV

The company has not yet shared official news about the top speed and battery capacity of Vioma Thunderbolt. But, the battery giving such a long range is definitely expected to be of higher capacity and There is no official information yet regarding the top speed, but it can be estimated that it could be around 120 km per hour.


Price and availability

Upcoming Vioma Thunderbolt Retro EV

Talking about the price and availability of Vioma Thunderbolt retro EV, the company has not yet shared the official announcement. But, it is believed that the company can launch it by the end of the year. It is difficult to say anything about the price at the moment, But considering such a long range and features, its price is expected to be higher than other electric scooters.

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