Ather Rizta Electric Scooter Launch Date and Price Leaked

This scooter will be launched in the Indian market by the end of 2024 or early 2025

Some such features can be seen in this electric scooter. Like touch screen dashboard, navigation, mobile connectivity, geo fencing, anti theft alarm, USB charging port etc

This electric scooter has been introduced with a lithium ion battery pack with 2.9KWH capacity

This lithium ion battery pack is capable of providing a range of 115 kilometers to this electric scooter

This electric scooter takes 6 to 7 hours to charge 100%

A 5.4 kW BLDC motor has been added to this electric scooter by the company

This electric scooter is capable of running at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour

The starting ex-showroom price of this electric scooter in the Indian market is ₹ 1,10,000